Play Ouya Quickie – Chronoblade – January 2014

Play Ouya Quickie – Chronoblade – January 2014

Last updated on August 8th, 2015


Chronoblade was released back in October of 2013 in an exclusive survival based action arena game for the Ouya. It’s also available for other platforms but I’m completely unsure of how they work or if they play any differently at all. Not that I particularly care since I focus on Ouya only when it comes to Play Ouya.


You take control, almost immediately seeking helpful things before the beginning of the wave to get you a little ahead before you start. When you eventually do start things become a bit more frantic and chaotic as you fight off waves of enemies in a battle to stay alive and build combos along with personal score. The game is mightily fun to play alone and even more so with a friend. Truly one of the great masterpieces I’ve seen. It’s a shame it goes unnoticed by a lot of people and is probably one of the defining reasons to own an Ouya.



The game looks visually stunning and has very little I could ever dream of attacking. It has a little stutter in framerate at the start of levels it seems but it’s not something I could discredit it for, when the main action starts it’s faultless. The background is a visual treat, the combat is a treat, and the vibrant colors are an even bigger treat. Did I say this game is just a treat yet? It really is!


The soundtrack is absolutely in tune with the game. It tends to loop a bit but then again the game is a giant loop, that’s to it’s credit though. It’s in tone with the game. Hits feel like hits. Swings make you feel like you are actually swinging the pad around yourself (It’s not a Wii, thank god). Everything seems well thought out to fit the tone of the game.


2 comments on “Play Ouya Quickie – Chronoblade – January 2014”

  1. Ahhotep1 says:

    Interesting game review Jez. But I had to google Ouya to know what that was (embarrassed xD ). Sounds like an interesting gaming concept. And even more interesting game! And you are NOT easily pleased as gathered from your other articles 😉

    As always thanks for the read!

    If I might drop an older IGN link for others who may not know what “Ouya” is, hope it’s ok.

  2. iJezabella says:

    Go ahead. 😛 Yeah it’s a bit of a niche console. There are similar ones coming out soon though looking to rival it.

    One from Mad Catz and another one that does exist but It’s kind of off my radar thus why I’ve forgotten who’s developing the second one.

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