Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Patch Notes for 4.1.0

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Patch Notes for 4.1.0

Obsidian the developers behind Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire have released the patch notes for update 4.1.0. The patch comes with some new features including the new turn-based mode for beta.

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Patch Notes for 4.1.0

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire received a new update which brings a new turn-based mode for beta to the game for free as a part of the 4.1 patch. Turn-based mode is another way for players to experience combat in POE II. The mode is still in open-beta meaning players can give feedback to the developers for consideration. In order to try the new mode you will need to start a new game and choose “Turn-Based Mode”.

After you update simply start a new game and select “Turn-Based Mode”

Turn-Based Mode (beta)

The mode allows players to choose actions for their characters which act independently of each other, you can now plan your attacks and abilities at your own speed. The mode will give a completely different feel to the tactical combat of the game.

New turn-based mode is free for all, allowing players more ease with choosing strategies at their own pace.

You can watch the turn-based mode video which features the Design Director and Game Director of Deadfire Josh Sawyer:

The new patch comes with an array of fixes and updates which were posted on the Obsidian forum including corrupted savegames, optimised performance for targeting attacks which concentrate on large AoEs and party members will no longer die when they go below deck on the ship. Abilities have also gained a few tweaks including monk class ability Effects of Monk’s “Turning Wheel” no longer apply to damage other than melee, Priest‘s Salvation of Time will no longer be empowered due to not benefiting from scaling, and Chanter‘s prepared chants will now be removed when a character is respeccing.

You can read the full patch notes below, there are a few spoilers which are highlighted as well.

Patch 4.1.0

Fixes and Updates

  • Some instances of corrupted savegames have been resolved and can now be loaded correctly.
  • Optimized performance when targeting attacks, particularly large AoEs.
  • Fixed an issue where companion game objects were not removed if they left the party on the World Map.
  • The player will no longer be returned to the main menu on transitioning to or from Nekataka.
  • Random encounters in Neketaka are guaranteed to appear after a certain number of transitions.
  • Party Members will no longer die when the player goes below deck on the ship.
  • Characters will no longer reaching 0 HP and become invincible when affected by certain effects.
  • *SPOILER* 
    • The game no longer crashes on machines using Radeon graphics cards when the Beast of Winter destroys the bridge.
    • Fassina is present in the Dark Cupboard if the Forgotten Sanctum DLC is not installed.



  • Maerwald will no longer summon a Vela Clone while on Hylea’s Challenge.



  • Llengrath now remains in the Temple of Revelation after the events of the Forgotten Sanctum.
  • Llengrath stays in the Temple of Revelation after finishing The Forgotten Sanctum, preventing The Seeds of Deception blocker.
  • Starmetal can no longer be obtained if Bekarna’s questline is failed.
  • Fixed issues with Bekarna’s quest logic.
  • The Courier’s Calling encounter no longer triggers without Maia in the party.

Text & VO

  • Various typos in Forgotten Sanctum have been resolved.
  • *SPOILER* 
    • Mad Morena no longer requires passing a Bluff skill check to leave the conversation with her.
    • Ydwin no longer comments on events that are yet to happen.
    • The option to have Ydwin leave when discussing her condition now promptly causes her to leave your party.
    • The Watcher does not mention too early that Llengrath is a Fever of Spirits when talking with the Giant Luminescent Spore.
    • Choosing to give Wael’s Body to Concelhaut will trigger the correct conversation.
    • The correct end choice will trigger after defeating Oracle and choosing the option to give Wael’s body to Councelhaut.


  • General
    • ‘Terrify’ now contains a glossary link where applicable.
    • Attacks with extra AoEs (Citzal’s Spirit Lance, Whispers of the Endless Paths) will now have correct recovery when used with attack abilities.
  • Wizard
    • Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake hits only applies to Enemies as described.
    • Concelhaut’s Parasitic Quarterstaff Recovery Time link has been modified and corrected.
  • Fighter
    • Black Jacket Fighters can take Rapid Recovery when leveling up.
    • Fixed an issue with description of Black Jacket ability displaying text not related to the skill.
    • Brilliant Tactician will no longer activate if there isn’t an enemy present.
  • Ranger
    • Arcane Archer “Imbue” attacks will no longer show extra projectiles when used with certain weapons, such as the Hand Mortar.
  • Monk
    • Effects of Monk’s “Turning Wheel” are no longer applied to damage other than melee.
    • Forbidden Fist’s “Forbidden Curse” can no longer become stuck with a negative duration when used with Clarity of Agony.
  • Cipher
    • Beguiler bonus Focus will now be granted correctly if hitting multiple targets at the same time.
    • Beguiler Focus will regenerate properly.
    • Ciphers will receive focus for their first attack when attacking from stealth.
  • Priest
    • Salvation of Time can no longer be empowered, since it does not benefit from scaling.
  • Chanter
    • Prepared chants are now removed when respeccing a character.
  • Druid
    • Fixed a bug with Wall of Frost displaying 0 base penetration.
  • Items
    • Whispers of the Endless Paths’ AoE Spells are no longer spamming attacks.
    • Last Word is no longer missing its statblock.
    • *SPOILER* 
      • Slippers of the Assassin no longer deactivate if player kills two targets at the same time with an AoE ability.
      • Revelating Missiles no longer hits Allies as well as Enemies.
      • The Stormturner Cloak now has a description for users without the Seeker Slayer Survivor DLC.

Sound Effects

  • The wings of Drakes now no longer beat at a extremely loud volume.

Visual Effects

  • Wards have VFX when disappearing.
  • VFX comes from the correct source when using Garrote.
  • The VFX from Garrote originates from the correct hand.
  • Servant of the Stars now has casting VFX.
  • Brazier VFX have been corrected in the Scriptorium
  • Memory Hoarder soul sucking VFX stops correctly if you sneak up and attack before the conversation starts.
  • Candles in Collections Lower no longer lack flame VFX.
  • VFX will no longer appear through the walls in The Enclosures.
  • The Shimmering Dreambeast now has a visual Shimmering effect to reflect its Shimmerstep ability.
  • The Shimmering Dreambeast now has a proper effect upon finishing its Strike Through Dreams ability.


  • Attribute check icons in scripted interaction success/fail banners will be the correct size.
  • Fixed issue where World Map points of interest could not be interacted with.
  • Certain conversation prerequisites will no longer be incorrectly locked or unlocked in specific circumstances.
  • News on the Main Menu no longer displays out of date information.
  • The journal will no longer display incorrect data when opened the first time after loading a save.
  • Disarming traps with multiple characters will no longer give multiple trap items.
    • *SPOILER* 
      • Doors to The Scriptorium and both wings of the Halls Obscured no longer remain locked if Tayn and Llengrath have been killed before the first encounter with the Oracle.
      • It is no longer possible to trigger the cutscene during combat with Tayn and Llengrath.
      • Maerwald’s Soul Crush ability is no longer missing its string.
      • Soul Mirrors are named properly when only “Forgotten Sanctum” is installed.
      • Players will no longer be stuck in combat after a Save/Load if the Power Conduits were destroyed from stealth in the Oratory of Wael.
      • Books Puzzle will no longer be interactable after Spores opened door for the Watcher.
      • In the Hall of Reconfiguration, the Frightened Child’s Imaginary Friends no longer bleed when struck with weapons.
      • Fog of war in several areas in the Restricted Section location has been adjusted.
      • Addressed issue where the Enchanted Armor in the Quarantined Section was remaining highlighted as an interactable when animated.
      • Servant of the Stars’ death gives the Inspiration to the character as expected.
      • Walls and doors block Line of Sight correctly in the Hall of Reconfiguration.
      • Orlan Llengrath is displayed in the SI when appropriate.
      • Godlike Llengrath retains her Godlike model when entering the Temple of Revelation.
      • The Xaurips no longer become Hostile when opening their cage in the Collections, which prevented progression.
      • Luminescent Spore will correctly display a portrait when interacted with.
      • After completing the Rauatai Coup, the Watcher can find Netehe and return the Huana Tablet to her.
      • The Arcane Channel Destructibles do not have duplicates after loading a Heart of Mystery save.
      • Enemies and Companions in the Drowned Barrows will either become knocked out or die as is intended.
      • Combat no longer starts and ends a few times after having defeated Spider Swarm.
      • Vithrack Brute does not cast Echoing Shield or Pain Block if none of its allies are around.
      • The Northwestern most Artery Polyp in the Heart of Mystery can now be targeted for attack.
      • The Mouth Organs within the Enclosures now have their defensive stats fully visible.
      • Fixed a bug that was causing Lord Darryn’s Voulge to be not obtainable if not picked up the first time the shipwreck encounter is triggered.
      • The secret doors in the Hall of Reconfiguration display properly after opening them regardless of stealth or un-stealthed.
      • Added soulbound sketch to The Weyc’s Wand.
      • Fyonlecg will no longer introduce Memory Hoarder twice.
      • The camera will now focus correctly when Modwyr speaks in dialogue.

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