Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Fully Funded, Saves Confirmed to Carry Over

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Fully Funded, Saves Confirmed to Carry Over

In less than 24 hours, Obsidian’s new game, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire has been fully funded via the Fig crowdfunding platform, and stretch goals are now in play. In celebration, Obsidian has released some new information for fans wondering how the game will change from Pillars of Eternity.

Subclasses are the game’s next stretch goal and will give added customization to class choice. They are similar to kits in 2nd Edition AD&D which was featured in Baldur’s Gate 2. The monk class features a subclass that gain benefits from drugs but their wound threshold is increased, while the ranger class features a subclass that can summon the ghostly spirit of a former animal companion.


Obsidian also confirmed that saves would carry over from end game Pillars of Eternity saves. Your quest states, conversation choices, and how you personally dealt with your companions, friends, foes, and orlan babies will all carry over. The save game is cross platform compatible, so you will be able to import from Mac to Linux, Gog to Steam, etc.¬†If you directly or indirectly got a companion killed or never recruited them in your save game, they will not be present in the Deadfire. If you’ve never played Pillars of Eternity, during the introduction to the Deadfire, you will be able to make¬†choices from Pillars of Eternity as though you had played through the game, similar to the Mass effect series. In all cases, you’ll begin as a level 1 character.


A few other questions were answered, such as no multiplayer and specifics regarding backing and add-ons. It was a successful day for Obsidian’s next entry in their Pillars series which also includes alternative history spinoff Tyranny. We’re looking forward to seeing how the game’s development unfolds. Pillars of Eternity is set to release sometime early 2018 for PC.

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5 comments on “Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Fully Funded, Saves Confirmed to Carry Over”

  1. Avatar abraksil says:

    Oh my god! Oh my god! oh my god! I’m so hyped! So awesome! I finished entire Pillars of Eternity on the highest difficulty level. I carved my way level by level through this awesome dungeon under Caed Nua. And now the statue barred there came to live! I think I’ll gone play first pillars one more time right now! :D

  2. Nunkuruji says:

    Still working on my solo Cipher play through, little by little.

  3. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    Ciphers are super OP, especially if you have a chanter around to generate easy ectopsychic echo targets behind enemy lines, but I can’t imagine them being very good solo. They kinda explode if they are targeted. If I wanted to do a solo playthrough I’m 90% certain I’d go Paladin because they’re secretly not humans/humanoids at all, but self healing wrecking balls in human form.

    Also, I really hope they use a version of the stats system in Tyranny. If simultaniously keeps many of the fixes to traditional RPG stats that the PoE system fixed while also fixing the problems with the PoE system (Burly muscle wizards and priests breaking brick walls with their bare hands don’t make a whole lot of sense 95% of the time.) Obviously it would have to be tweaked if they’re using the PoE combat (which they should because it’s a PoE game and the combat in Tyranny sucks.) TBH the leveling system coming over too wouldn’t bother me (though I wouldn’t exactly be enthusiastic about it) but they’ve already mentioned classes so that is super unlikely. That’s OK though, the PoE class system is much, much more free form and RP friendly than the D&D system. I’d really like a Pen and Paper version of it.

    I also hope there are more stat checks and a talking skill. PoE almost never checks anything but int/perception/resolve, so if you’re playing on harder difficulties there are like 2 or 3 classes you can play and be a good talker without ****ing up your combat effectiveness (tank barbarian, chanter, and…wizard?) Even a bandaid fix like adding a charisma skill would be a huge improvement.. Not that there shouldn’t be int/perception/resolve checks, just that we shouldn’t be sacrificing 2/3rds of the speech options in the game because we decided to play an archer. (dedicated archers of every class put everything into might, dex and perception, only one of which is typically useful in conversation.)

  4. Avatar serenai says:

    Great writeup, :D It’s awesome they were funded in less than a day – and they are over $2M now so the AI scripting stretch goal is going in. My son is pretty hyped and is insisting I play the first one.

    I’d never heard of Fig Crowdfunding before this – was poking around and they even let you invest in the games if you make or are worth enough (I ran through their quick qualification process to see what it was about) although I don’t know if they verify your income in any way. Pretty neat.

  5. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    You should play the first one if you have any interest in that kind of RPG.

    I am super annoyed that they’re reducing the party size to 5 though. Yes, I get it, Pillars 1 combats was micromanagement heavy, but that was part of what made it so good. Auto Piloting through a game or continuously re-using the same strategy and tactics because the party size is too small for anything else to work properly is mind numbingly boring, and it single handedly killed my enjoyment of NWN, NWN2 and combined with other things really brought down Tyranny as well. When the enemies hit super hard and come in giant swarms that quickly overwhelm inattentive players you need to be really flexible about executing your strategy and larger parties provide that flexibility.

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