Phoenix Point Releases September 3rd on Xbox Game Pass and Epic

Phoenix Point Releases September 3rd on Xbox Game Pass and Epic

The original creator behind the XCOM series has released a new trailer for his upcoming turn-based strategy title Phoenix Point. The latest trailer which was released during E3 shows more about the game.

Phoenix Point Releases September 3rd on Xbox Game Pass and Epic

Julian Gollop was originally one of the developers behind the early X-COM game UFO: Enemy Unknown, and has since launched a FIG crowdfunding project for Phoenix Point, which received over $2 million in backing. A new trailer was launched during E3 week which shows more of the title.

Phoenix Point will pit players against aliens, but with the added element of these aliens being able to take DNA from different species, altering themselves in the process. These transformations will result in devising the best tactics to counter these changes, and adapting to what they throw at you next. Through turn-based battles with a group of 4 soldiers, players will try to push back the alien forces. You can read more about the title in our Phoenix Point Preview: X-COM Creator Goes Back To The Roots. The trailer shows off these ferocious aliens, and gets pretty close up, showing them in intricate detail.

While previously there was some controversy over the announcement that Phoenix Point would launch as an Epic Games exclusive, according to PCGAMESN it will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The developer confirmed in a tweet that it will be on both PC and Xbox One:

It seems Snapshot games has listened to the feedback that the community gave with the initial Epic exclusive news, and has decided to give another option to gamers through Xbox Game Pass which recently launched its beta on PC.

Phoenix Point will releases on PC and Xbox One on September 3rd. It will also be a part of the Xbox Game Pass on both PC and Xbox One. You can pre-purchase on the Epic Games store for $22.99.

For more content about Phoenix Point you can find it here in Phoenix Point Preview: X-COM Creator Goes Back To The Roots and X-COM Creator Receives Backlash From Backers As It Becomes An Epic Games Store Exclusive.


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