Persona 5 Crossover Event in Granblue Fantasy

Persona 5 Crossover Event in Granblue Fantasy

This week Persona 5 will be crossing over into the mobile and browser game Granblue Fantasy as an event. The story based event will continue throughout this month ending on June 29th, 2018.

Persona 5 Crossover Event in Granblue Fantasy

The event is not to be missed as Cygames have gone all out with not only a full storyine but fully voiced characters featuring Persona 5‘s original cast. Adding to further your immersion, music and visuals from the game have been added.

By joining in on the event you’ll receive a super super rare-tier (SSR) character the Joker, all you need to do is read the first two parts of the first chapter and it’s yours. If you don’t even want to read through the storyline you can simply hit the “skip” button at the bottom of the screen and still end up with a limited-edition character to join your party.

Grab the Joker only during this event

The story based event takes place after the Phantom Thieves take down Madarame in Persona 5. The party heads to Mementos but are faced with a strange blue rift when they arrive. Being sucked into the portal, they end up in the world of Granblue Fantasy and run into your party. Here they all get to chat but Morgana puts some unwanted thoughts into Vyrn’s mind, things get a little dark from here in very Persona 5 style.

To grab your special edition Joker, a Morgana in bus form as well as a Arsene gun weapon you’ll need to join the event which will conclude on June 29th, 2018. The second part of the event will start on June 23rd.

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