Pathfinder Kingmaker Builds: Valerie

In this Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide we will take a look at Valerie. Valerie is Tower Shield Specialist, which is a subclass of Fighter, and as such is a fantastic front line tank that can survive almost anything thrown at her. She can be built in many ways and multiclassed with other classes, but this guide will cover  the most simple and effective build focusing only on the Tower Shield Specialist Fighter subclass. This build guide is aimed for beginners and everyone else that need their memory refreshed regarding certain mechanics.


You’ll want a tanky character when facing hard-hitting monsters, and Valerie fits the bill.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Builds – Valerie

This build focuses exclusively on being very tanky by having an extremely high AC. The downside is that she won’t hit very hard with her attacks, but that is not what Valerie is here for. However, we are going to use the combat maneuver Trip in a very offensive manner.

Tower Shield Specialists automatically receive these Feats:


Valerie has a decent Attribute spread. Strength helps in dealing with encumbrance so that she can wear heavy gear with no issues, Dexterity gives a +1 bonus which will be added to AC no matter what Heavy Armor she wears, and Constitution is extremely high already so it adds more Hit Points. Charisma is not needed for combat in this build but can be used to Multiclass effectively with a Bard.

If you want to have the Combat Expertise Feat then you will need 13 Intelligence. This Feat gives a penalty to attack rolls but adds Dodge to AC, and Dodge stacks with every AC bonus. Attribute Points are gained every 4 levels with a total of 5 upon reaching level 20. The first 4 points should be used to get INT to 13 and the final one can be put into CON.

What her Attributes look like at Level 20. Lot’s of CON, and decent STR and DEX.


Mobility is the only important fighting Skill here because it improves the effectiveness of Fighting Defensively. With only 3 ranks in Mobility you get +3 Dodge bonus to AC, which stacks with other Dodge bonuses. Fighting Defensively should always be on to increase Valerie’s survivability. The rest of her Skill Points can be put wherever you want, with Persuasion being the obvious choice due to Charisma and the Class Skill bonus to it. It does not affect combat but helps in conversations, which is nice to have.


Fighters get an insane number of Feats, so there is plenty of different ones that can be chosen, and it is also important to consider party composition as well when selecting them. Having a second melee character with a shield in your group, with same teamwork bonuses like Shield Wall, can make your frontline almost immortal. This gives everyone else plenty of freedom to focus on taking down enemies, and can be invaluable.


Everyone needs a good front liner to help tank and protect their party. When you have Shield Wall you gain the benefit of the AC of the party member’s Shield that’s standing next to you as well.

If you plan on playing Valerie as a solo, tanky frontliner, then you do not need any defensive teamwork Feats like Coordinated Defense. Instead you can choose something like Iron Will to boost Will Saving Throws, since this is where Valerie is weaker. Having an Inquisitor next to you, on the other hand, means you should invest heavily into teamwork feats since that is what Inquisitor gets automatically. Be sure to consider these things when selecting Feats, as this part can vary quite widely based on your party make-up.

Important Feats

The idea here is very simple. Stack as much AC as possible through Feats, while adding other defensive Feats like Missile Shield and Combat Mobility. Outflank is just too good to pass up, because you are likely to have one more melee class in your group that can benefit from it, and they should have that Feat as well. From combat maneuvers I chose Trip, and all the necessary upgrades to increase its chance to Hit. Combat Maneuvers are attack rolls, meaning all bonuses and subtractions apply. Unfortunately that means  a minus to attack roll because of Combat Expertise and Fighting Defensively, and that is why we have feats that increase Hit Chance with Trip like Tandem Trip, Greater Trip, Fury’s Fall and Coordinated Maneuvers.


This Feat really helps to boost the damage you deal as a tanky character.

Optional Feats

  • Blind Fight: Melee Attackers get no bonuses when attacking you from Stealth and it gives you more chance to hit Concealed enemies
  • Coordinated Defense: Only if you plan on having another melee character with this same bonus in the party
  • Seize the Moment: Useful when you have a melee DPS character with the same feat next to you. Gives you an Attack of Opportunity if an ally confirms critical hit.
  • Shake it Off: Adds +1 to all Saving Throws per adjacent ally with this feat (max +4)
  • Weapon Focus: Adds +1 to attack rolls with the chosen weapon. Useful for increasing your chance to Hit with a weapon and Combat Maneuvers. Can be upgraded with Greater Weapon Focus.
  • Iron Will: Adds +2 to Will Saving Throws. Can be further upgraded with Improved Iron Will.
  • Endurance: A non-combat related Feat that helps with Fatigue.


The best Armor choice for this build is Full Plate, because it gives the most increase to AC.  Weapon choice does not matter that much as long as it is Single Handed and falls under Simple, Martial or Bastard Sword  proficiencies. The Shield needs to be a Tower Shield because this is what this Class specializes in. Belt of Giant Strength is recommended because it adds +2 to Strength, which is then added to Attack Rolls and Trip, increasing chance to Hit.

There are many accessories in the game, but be aware that many bonuses do not stack. For example, 2 Rings of Protection would give the bonus only from the stronger of the two. Bonus-on-bonus items stack, however, if they do not have the same description. The easiest way to see which bonuses stack is to just equip items you are unsure about and see at the bottom left corner if they add bonuses or not.

Example: + 1 enhancement to Natural Armor and + 1 enhancement bonus to AC stack and gives +2 bonus to AC in total

Equipping items shows changes here if they stack


Valerie is an amazing frontliner that should go in combat first and draw aggro from melee opponents. Adjacent to her you can have any melee Class, but just make sure both can benefit from Teamwork Feats. Inquisitor, Rogue, or another Sword & Shield character with the Shield Wall Feat, and many others can work well depending on the chosen Teamwork Feats and party composition. Do not forget that you have Trip at your disposal whenever you want, so use it often as it really helps out.


Remember to use Teamwork Feats to get bonuses when playing with other characters with them.

This build is straightforward and very effective at keeping the aggro of enemies on Valerie, while at the same time being able to tank it with ease. It is not difficult to use, nor is it overly complicated, making it ideal for newcomers. If you are having issues keeping your squishier party members alive, then give this build a try.

Stay tuned for more Pathfinder Kingmaker Guides through out October, as we dive deeper in to this CRPG!

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3 comments on “Pathfinder Kingmaker Builds: Valerie”

  1. Baranthus says:

    Assuming you both are keeping her as a pure fighter – what skills take priority?

  2. Endless_Derp says:

    Wow this build is some hot garbage. Try this on for size: Weapon focus, dazzling display, skill focus (persuasion), power attack, cornugon smash, shatter defenses, and dreadful carnage. Give your melee characters weapon focus, dazzling display, and shatter defenses. Start combat off with dazzling display from Valerie, now everybody’s swinging against flat-footed, shaken AC and you can proc greater fear effects. Grab levels in stalwart defender for dodge bonus or grab levels in archaeologist for ludicrous damage. And don’t try and tell me this is too complicated for beginners, you click one or two buttons at the start of combat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The build is nice, but going to INT 13 seems like a total waste and takes forever. Combat Expertise is nice, but not really needed. And Trip is very unreliable if you suffer attack penalties with Defensive Fighting and Expertise, especially at levels 17+ when your build gets access to Trip. At those levels, you’re usually fighting large or huge enemies like Giants and Dragons in Pathfinder and those have extremely high Combat Maneuver Defense due to their size and high strength.

    I’d much rather use her 5 ability score like
    1 Cha for Intimidation
    1 Con for the nice +5 bonus
    2 Strength for attack, damage and encumberance
    1 Dex for AC (she should be able to use dex +2 for AC, though I have heard rumors it’s bugged as of 1.04. Haven’t checked it myself yet.)

    With her high Charisma, she’s a very effective debuffer with Dazzling Display. Unlike Trip it’s also unaffected by the attack penalty of fighting defensively and you can get her to a very high intimidation bonus with feats like Skill Focus, Persuasive and Intimidating Prowess.

    Anyway, other than the questionably focus on Trip, the build looks very nicely done for a basic tank. Well done!

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