Pathfinder Kingmaker Builds: Jubilost the Alchemist

Last updated on November 24th, 2018

In thisĀ Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide we will take a look at Jubilost. He starts off as Alchemist and leaving him on this path is recommended for new players. Bombs can deal lots of damage, and with this Build we are going to maximize the effectiveness of blowing things up with them. This is a very simple build that is great for beginners.

Jubilost is all about hurling bombs at enemies

Pathfinder Kingmaker Builds – Jubilost the Alchemist

Alchemists rely upon mutagens and bombs to alter their Attributes and do lots of damage.Ā This build focuses on dispatching bombs quickly and to do that we need specific feats and discoveries. Jubilost comes with these Feats and Abilities automatically:

Attributes & Skills

The most important Attributes for a bomber Alchemist are Intelligence and Dexterity. INT improves damage from bombs, and your DEX modifier is added to attack rolls when throwing bombs.Ā We need theĀ Two Weapon FightingĀ and Improved Two WeaponĀ Fighting Feats, but they have DEX requirements of 15 and 17. So, the first 3 points go into DEX and then 1 into INT in order to obtain these, and improve the damage of your bombs a bit.

Jubilost starts off with boosts to Knowledge (Arcana), Stealth and TrickeryĀ when it comes to Skills, so ranking them up to max is the way to go. Add any other skill you want to the mix in, because there are going to be a lot of points to distribute.


Over the course of leveling Jubilost there will be Discovery Feats, in addition to the normal ones. Discovery Feats grant additional bombs, improved Mutagens, and some other boosts. It is up to you which bombs you want to use, but Dispelling Bomb should be on everyone’s list because they are extremely effective.

The Feats of this Build revolve around improving bomb effectiveness by increasing their damage, amount you can throw, and making them more likely to hit.Ā  Two Weapon Fighting does not work with bombs unless theĀ Fast Bombs ability is active, and we want Fast bombs active at all times. Fast bombs enable throwing of additional bombs in one round, but with a penalty, one that we counter with the Two Weapon Fighting Feat.

Alchemists have wide variety of bombs, meaning they have solution for every problem

Here is full list of Feats and Discoveries I have chosen for this build:

Potions & Gear

Jubilost does not use Spells, instead he uses Potions, and that means Arcane Spell Failure does not affect him at all. Buffing potions are the way to go to help not only yourself, but also party members. Without Infusion Discovery you can not use Potions on others, so be sure to get this when you can. Fox’s Cunning, Cat’s Grace and Heroism are the most important ones to have to increase INT, and to add bonuses to attack rolls and saving throws. As for the rest go for whatever fits your style of play and your party make up.

Mutagens stack with buffs from Cat’s Grace and Fox’s Cunning. It can lead to really high attributes.

A weapon is only used when we are out of bombs, so something like Light Crossbow would be ideal because we do not want to stay in melee range, and we do not need to waste any more Feats to get new proficiencies.Ā Jubilost comes with low STR, so Light Armor is the highest you should go for because of the Encumbrance penalty he will receive if you use Medium or Heavy. Accessories that boost DEX and INT are priority, since these are most important Attributes that effect bombs.


Jubilost as a pure Alchemist, is a powerful ranged damage dealer that is easy to play. Before the fight buff yourself with Dexterity Mutagens, Fox’s Cunning, Heroism and anything else that you think would be good.Ā Make sure Fast Bombs and Rapid Shot are always on, and activate any bomb and start throwing. Bombs will last for a full round when activated. That is all there is to it.

Bombs away!

MoreĀ Pathfinder KingmakerĀ content is coming soon, includingĀ Class and Build Guides, so stay tune! You may be interested to read ourĀ Tower Shield Tank Valerie Build Guide,Ā Jaethal Grim Reaper Build Guide,Ā Octavia Arcane Trickster Build Guide,Ā Amiri Barbarian Build Guide,Ā Ekundayo Ranger Build Guide,Ā Linzi Bard Build Guide, Harrim Cleric Build GuideĀ and ourĀ Beginnerā€™s Guide. In the meantime you can check out theĀ wikiĀ for all your Pathfinder needs.

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