Path of Exile Release Gets Delayed Until February 2019

Path of Exile Release Gets Delayed Until February 2019

Those who were gearing up for the release of Path of Exile on PS4 this December will need to wait until beginning of next year as Grinding Gear Games announce delayed release.

Path of Exile Release Gets Delayed Until February 2019

The action-RPG that would be coming to a new platform on PS4 gets delayed as Grinding Gear Games shares an announcement on their forum explaining that due to the “certification process” it would not be releasing in December. The post explains due to the busy period that Christmas is, they could not meet the deadline:

When we announced Path of Exile for PlayStation 4 earlier this month, we indicated we were aiming for a December release. Unfortunately, we have had to revise this to early February. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this causes, because we know there are many players looking forward to this release.

We underestimated the amount of work it would take to finish the certification process during the busy Christmas period. While we hope to have everything ready in January, we feel a lot more comfortable promising early February as a target release window. This will also give us time to work on game performance/frame rate, which we feel could be improved before release.

Again, we’re very sorry about this. We understand that many PlayStation users were keen to play Betrayal over Christmas and have been eagerly awaiting release date news. We promise that Path of Exile will be awesome on PlayStation 4 when it is released early next year.

Path of Exile is currently available to play on Xbox One, PC and will be arriving on Playstation 4 in February 2019.

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3 comments on “Path of Exile Release Gets Delayed Until February 2019”

  1. Avatar Yuria says:

    Sad news but just more reason to bring on 2019!

  2. Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    I miss this game.

  3. ckmishn says:

    Sony’s new censorship taking longer than expected? At least for Path of Exile devs they actually have some people who speak English to fill out all the new paperwork, unlike a lot of smaller Japanese devs.

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