Path of Exile PS4 Release Delayed Until March 2019

Path of Exile PS4 Release Delayed Until March 2019

Fans of the RPG free-to-play game Path of Exile have been awaiting its release, first being announced for launch in December last year and then postponed to a February launch. We now get news that the PS4 release will launch in March 2019 and find out more of why its been postponed.

Path of Exile PS4 Release Delayed Until March 2019

The release was intended to launch following the last expansion Betrayal in December but was delayed. In an article by Gamespot with Managing Director of Grinding Gear Games, we learn more about why the release has been delayed.

According to the article the developers decided to hold the release for PS4 to give it some more time. While the game is well on it’s way according to Wilson, the team felt further improvements could be made. As the process to release games on PS4 can be quite drawn out, the date for release has now been set for March. The console debut release will have all the DLCs currently available including Synthesis which releases on March 8th for other platforms.

Expressing that due to limited resources Path of Exile could not get to console earlier and Wilson shares how the team preferred a more polished first impression for Playstation 4 players:

It really feels like we’re completing the cycle with platforms for Path of Exile. We wished we could have gotten on consoles earlier, but our resources were pretty limited at the time. Thankfully we were able to get them done. It’s been really useful [not releasing the PS4 in December]. It would have been OK to have released it then, but we do want first-impressions to be good and there were certain areas of the game we weren’t happy with. We wanted to tighten it up.

Path of Exile is now expected to release on PS4 in March 2019.

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