Path of Exile Announcements from ExileCon

Path of Exile Announcements from ExileCon

During Exilecon which took place over the weekend, Grinding Gear Games had a number of announcements which included updates and plans for next year.

Path of Exile Announcements from ExileCon

Among these announcements came the major news of Path of Exile 2 which will not only add a new campaign featuring 7 new acts but a number of game changes including 19 new Ascendancy Classes and  graphics update. You can check out more about Path of Exile 2 here.

But along with the news of Path of Exile 2 or 4.0., came news of updates happening before the release of this entire new campaign. Update 3.9 known as Conquerors of the Atlas was announced, a new league Metamorph and the unveiling of Path of Exile mobile. Read on for all the details.

Path of Exile – Update 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas

Once players defeat the Path of Exile‘s campaign, they will go on to explore the Atlas of Worlds, a map featuring randomised alternate dimensions that get increasingly more challenging. After taking down the original enemies of Atlas, players will face a new threat, themselves. Their character will become corrupted and must be taken care of. Players will face five new endgame bosses that are based of the main character’s class that you have chosen.

Other changes include a rework of bows, additional new skills and buffed damage. These changes set to revamp bows making them a more viable option and newer abilities such as Ensnaring Arrow will give players a fighting chance to slow down their enemies.


There is also the introduction of a new option league called Metamorph. This temporary league allows players to create a new character but has the added engagement of a new system that mixes current gameplay features with various challenges. Metamorph sets to bring in a character called Tane Octavius who will team up with you time to time as you play.

As well as joining on your journey, Tane will also collect DNA samples from the various monsters you kill, once collecting enough of them you can call upon Tane to put together you very own boss battle. The DNA samples each have various properties that will affect the type of abilities the boss will possess. The more powerful the sample, the higher the chance of gaining some worthy rewards.

Update 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas update and the new Metamorphosis league will release on December 13th for PC.

Path of Exile Mobile

Showing a better example of how to launch a mobile game, Grinding Gear Games announces the Path of Exile mobile game. According to the keynote at the event, the mobile version is already is in the works. Grinding Gear did show some of the “experimental” as they called it mobile version which is set to concentrate on providing fair monetisation and will not be dependent on microtransactions or “pay-to-win” according to the official website.

The mobile version is being developed in-house and will have the same features that you’d expect from a Path of Exile game.


The mobile game is still in development and now release date has been announced as of yet.

Don’t forget to check out what’s in store for Path of Exile 2 which sets out to be a “one game, two campaigns” set up. You can also get a round up of reset news in  Top RPG News Of The Week: November 17th (Crimson Desert, Wasteland 3, Divinity And More!).


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