Path of Exile 2 Gets Ngamakanui Teaser Trailer Showing Gameplay
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Path of Exile 2 Gets Ngamakanui Teaser Trailer Showing Gameplay

Grinding Gears Games drops teaser trailer for upcoming sequel Path of Exile 2. The teaser titled “Ngamakanui” shows a quick preview of gameplay.

Path of Exile 2 Gets Ngamakanui Teaser Trailer

Ahead of ExileCon 2023 happening in July, Grinding Gear Games have released a teaser trailer previewing Path of Exile 2. The short clip shows a sorceress-type character blasting her way through hordes of enemies in the atmospherically dark and heavily detailed world. As the character makes her way, she is ambushed by brazen monsters that only have one thing on their mind, to stop her at all costs.

New gameplay teaser shows off Path of Exile 2.

New Gameplay Revealed

Using lightning abilities that thunderbolt their way to the different targets, and even raining down bolts from above to stop these foes in their tracks. She also AOEs a group with frost icicles protruding from the floor. As she is cornered in a dark room, a hell beast of sorts bursts from the walls. It ends there cutting to the brand new Path of Exile 2 logo.

More will be revealed during ExileCon 2023 which takes place in Auckland, New Zealand from July 28th to 29th. Expect livestreams and more news during the event.

Path of Exile 2 teaser trailer features lightning sorcery and gruesome new enemies.

The Sequel

It was previously revealed that a beta would be released alongside ExileCon for Path of Exile 2. So we can expect to see much more gameplay revealed in July. While the 2 certainly makes the game sound like a separate part entirely, previously the devs had detailed that it will provide a brand new 7th Act Campaign. Both PoE 1 and 2 will share the same game client. However, while both share the same end game, characters from the first game won’t be playable in the PoE 2 campaign. It also sets to bring a brand new skill gem system plus seven new classes.

We can expect more details and news during ExileCon 2023

We can also expect more details on Path of Exile mobile which takes the Action-RPG on the go.

Path of Exile 2 doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but is expected to launch sometime in 2024.

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