Overwatch’s favorite Dorito: Incoming Changes

Overwatch’s favorite Dorito: Incoming Changes

Blizard has been internally testing and tweaking D.Va for some time now. Below are the projected changes for this Overwatch hero:

  • Defense Matrix: 2x energy drain
  • Boosters: Able to use Fusion Cannons
  • New ability – Micro Missiles: D.Va can now launch small missiles that explode on impact, dealing splash damage also. This ability can be used simultaneously with ย her other abilities or gunfire.

These series of changes will allow D.Va to play more aggressive like she could in season 3. While this nerfs her defense matrix, this is a needed change to lower the mundane-ness/ low skill cap of this character. She will be able to combat Pharah and the more mobile heroes.

Blizzard hopes to strike a mix between reducing players relying on the Defense Matrix, making her fun to play, and keeping her feasible as a hero. These changes along others will be coming to the next PTR soon, so be on the look out.

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