Overwatch New Map: Horizon Lunar Colony Revealed by Blizzard, Available On PTS

Overwatch New Map: Horizon Lunar Colony Revealed by Blizzard, Available On PTS

Blizzard has revealed a new map for Overwatch today, after the customary few days of murmurs and teases. The new map, Horizon Lunar Colony is available now for players on the PC PTS (public test server) and will be “coming soon” for everyone. Check out the reveal video:

Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map set in a scientific base on the moon. Built as a first step towards humanity’s renewed exploration of space, the colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation—on human and ape alike. The scientists’ research proved incredibly promising…until, suddenly, all contact and communications with the base were lost.

Now, many years later, attacking and defending teams must return to the moon and battle for control of the colony’s facilities, all while they discover clues as to the fate of its previous inhabitants.

The map is set on a scientific moon base and features some stellar views of planet Earth. As per a developer update, it also will feature a limited zone of low gravity that should give players a new environmental wrinkle to account for. An arcade mode with full low gravity on all maps will be available for a limited time as well as exist as a setting on Custom Games.

Fun stuff! The Anniversary Event and recent patch are in full swing and the game recently came out of a free weekend for folks.

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