Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising 2019 Contents

Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising 2019 Contents

Last updated on April 20th, 2019

Overwatch’s new event is now live! Players can unlock brand new cosmetics items as well as having the opportunity to obtain the cosmetics the Retribution and Uprising events.

Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising 2019 Contents

Overwatch Storm Rising will be live from April 16 through May 6, 2019. Players can partake in the newest story-driven co-op mission featuring Genji, Mercy, Tracer, and Winston. In addition to Storm Rising, players can also tackle the Retribution and Uprising Co-op missions. During this event, all Loot Boxes earned will be Archives Loot Boxes which will contain skins, highlight intros, emotes, and sprays from Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising.

Back in Black

New Cosmetics

9 Skins Either 750 or 3,000 Credits

  • Junkrat Circus 750 Credits
  • Hammond High Roller 750 Credits
  • Zarya Racer 750 Credits
  • Ashe Socialite 3,000 Credits
  • Baptiste Talon 3,000 Credits
  • Bastion Gwishin 3,000 Credits
  • McCree Deadlock 3,000 Credits
  • Moira Scientist 3,000 Credits
  • Soldier 76 Formal 76 3,000 Credits

3 Highlight Intros 750 Credits Each

  • Doomfist Seismic Slam
  • Hanzo Storm Arrow
  • Hammond Dramatic

1 Player Icon

  • Archives 2019 Player Icon

3 Victory Pose 225 Credits Each

  • Sombra Data Cube
  • Widowmaker Surveillance
  •  Zenyatta Meditation

20 Voicelines 75 Credits Each

  • Ashe Do You Trust Me?
  • Ashe Somebody Fetch My Butler
  • Ashe Mind Your Manners
  • Baptiste Associates
  • Baptiste Caribbean Coalition
  • Baptiste Lieutenant Augustin
  • Brigitte If You Make Your Bed, Lie In It.
  • Hanzo History Forged By The Sword
  • McCree Gathering No Moss
  • Mei A New Adventure
  • Mercy I’m Needed Elsewhere
  • Moira Faith In Science
  • Pharah From My Mother
  • Sombra Nice Working With You
  • Symmetra What The Future Holds
  • Hammond Access Denied
  • Hammond KO
  • Hammond Laughter
  • Hammond Translation Not Found
  • Zenyatta Not Ready To Learn

11 Sprays

  • Playground Victory 75 Credits
  • Carry 75 Credits
  • Exercise 75 Credits
  • Almendron
  • Ambush
  • Big Plans
  • Cut The Brakes
  • Hot Pursuit
  • Light The Way
  • New Strike Team
  • The Broker

Purchasing all new cosmetics will run players

225 sprays

1,500 voicelines

675 Victory Poses

2,250 Highlight Intros

20,250 Skins

Grand total 24,900 Credits

You can check out all the latest additions in action in the video below:

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