Overwatch: Anniversary 2019 Content

Overwatch: Anniversary 2019 Content

Overwatch’s new event is now live! Players can unlock brand new cosmetics items as well as having the opportunity to obtain the cosmetics previous Anniversary events.

Overwatch: Anniversary 2019 Contents

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 will be live from May 21 through June 10, 2019. Players can partake in the old brawls like: Lucioball, Junkenstein’s Revenge, Yeti Hunt, Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising. All the brawls will be on a rotating schedule.

The Schedule of the Brawls

  • Tuesday, May 21: Lucioball
  • Wednesday, May 22: Junkenstein’s Revenge
  • Thursday, May 23: Snowball Offensive
  • Friday, May 24: Yeti Hunt
  • Saturday, May 25: Uprising
  • Sunday, May 26: Retribution
  • Monday, May 27: Storm Rising
  • Tuesday, May 28: Lucioball
  • Wednesday, May 29: Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless
  • Thursday, May 30: Snowball Offensive
  • Friday, May 31: Yeti Hunt
  • Saturday, June 1: Uprising (All Heroes)
  • Sunday, June 2: Retribution (All Heroes)
  • Monday, June 3: Storm Rising (All Heroes)
  • Tuesday, June 4: Lucioball
  • Wednesday, June 5: Junkenstein’s Revenge
  • Thursday, June 6: Snowball Offensive
  • Friday, June 7: Yeti Hunt
  • Saturday, June 8: Uprising
  • Sunday, June 9: Retribution
  • Monday, June 10: Storm Rising
  • Tuesday, June 11: Lucioball

During this event, all Loot Boxes earned will be Anniversary Loot Boxes which will contain skins, voicelines, emotes, and sprays from all prior events.

Overwatch will be free to play from May 21 to May 28 so those who haven’t play Overwatch yet or those who have been waiting for this free trial period don’t let the moment pass.

New Cosmetics

11 Skins Either 750 or 3,000 Credits 3750

  • D.Va Midnight 750 Credits
  • Doomfist Carbon Fiber  750 Credits
  • Pharah Carbon Fiber 750 Credits
  • Sombra Oro 750 Credits
  • Widowmaker Electric 750 Credits
  • Brigitte Riot Police 3,000 Credits
  • D.Va Academy 3,000 Credits
  • Mei Honeydew 3,000 Credits
  • Pharah Orbital 3,000 Credits
  • Roadhog Toxic 3,000 Credits
  • Winston Gargoyle 3,000 Credits

Winston Gargoyle Skin

3 Emotes 750 Credits Each

  • Ashe Line Dance
  • Baptiste Konpa Dance
  • Hammond Hamster Dance

1 Player Icon

  • Anniversary 2019 Player Icon

3 Victory Pose 225 Credits Each

  • Genji Over the Shoulder
  • Orisa Beacon
  • Reaper Ready for Action

28 Voicelines 75 Credits Each

  • Ashe I’m An Easy Rider
  • Ashe Life Is A Highway
  • Ashe You Wanna Try Me
  • Baptiste I’d Recommend Bed Rest
  • Baptiste Not My Problem
  • Baptiste Now That Is Funny
  • Brigitte Take A Hike
  • D.Va I Know My KDR
  • Genji An Elegant Weapon
  • Hanzo History The Only Destiny I Know
  • Junkrat That Was The Bomb
  • McCree Both Kinds Of Music
  • Mei Apologies
  • Mercy Call The Whambulance
  • Moira Evolution’s Gifts
  • Orisa If Lost, Please Return To Efi
  • Reinhardt Fetch Me My Hammer
  • Roadhog You’re A Talker
  • Solder 76 I’ve Died A Hero
  • Symmetra So Dramatic
  • Torbjörn Try My Meatballs
  • Tracer I Love This Part
  • Widowmaker Lucky And Good
  • Hammond Rolled
  • Hammond Self-Assessment
  • Hammond Victory
  • Zarya Fitness Secret
  • Zenyatta Your Flaws Are Revealed

4 Sprays 75 Credits Each

  • Eight of Diamonds
  • Seven of Spades
  • Eight of Hearts
  • Eight of Clubs

Purchasing all new cosmetics will run players a grand total of 27,075 credits which includes 300 Sprays, 2,250 Emotes, 675 Victory Poses, 2,100 Voicelines and 21,750 Skins.

You can check out all the latest additions in action in the video below:

For more Overwatch news you can read all about the in-game Overwatch Storm Rising event which brings new story-driven co-op missions, PVE and Archive Loot Box rewards. For a rundown of recent RPG news find it here in Top RPG News Of The Week: May 19th (Code Vein, MHW, Epic Sale And More!)


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