Othercide A Turn-based Horror RPG Gets July Launch Date

Othercide A Turn-based Horror RPG Gets July Launch Date

Developer Lightbulb Crew announced the stylish turn-based tactical horror RPG Othercide is now heading to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC this July.

Othercide A Turn-based Horror RPG Gets July Launch Date

Focus Home Interactive and developer Lightbulb Crew have announced that the stylishly noir tactical turn-based RPG Othercide will be coming to Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PC on July 28th with Switch release to be coming “soon”.

Othercide invites a world of horror in turn-based tactical gameplay, where players will experience roguelite features, deadly missions and even perma-death. In a story where players take on the role of the Daughters who are trying to survive fighting across a dying timeline to defeat the deadly force known as the Others. Take the form of Blademasters, Soulslingers or Shield bearer, each with their own set of deadly skills. Fight for humanity and stop the foes from another reality, creep in.

The artstyle is done a noir-esqe style with pops of red throughout, making it one of most stylish looking tactical RPGs. It also draws insipiration from X-COM but with its own supernatural setting. Lightbulb also shares that Othercide has a Dynamic Timeline System, which brings together a balance of “actions and counters”in a strategic battle system.

There will be tough decisions to make as Daughters can be sacrificed to restore health of others, meaning you may have to give the life of one to help save the lives of others, but what a price to pay.

Othercide will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC on July 28th. It is currently listed on Steam for pre-order with 15% off for $29.74.

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