Oninaki Playstation 4 Demo Now Live

Oninaki Playstation 4 Demo Now Live

The JRPG Oninaki has got a demo that you can play for free on Playstation 4.

Oninaki Playstation 4 Demo Now Live

The demo for Oninaki includes the Story Mode that let’s you dive into the beginning for the action-RPG. You can also test out Battle Mode which includes fast paced combat with the assistance of four daemons that can carry out different job roles.

If after the demo you want to purchase the game, all demo progression made in Story Mode will transfer. Oninaki shares the story of Kagachi, a so-called Watcher with the ability to move between the Living World and the Beyond. In a tale where the the Watcher must seek out wandering souls of the dead who are the Lost, to send them on their way onto the next world.

Each Daemon has it’s own unique abilities which can change the way you battle. You can upgrade their skill sets to improve their performance. One example given in the Playstation Blog post explains the Daemon Aisha, who brandishes a sword weapon, holding the advantage of dealing damage in close range. She can also use Gale Slash which let’s you get closer to enemies quickly with Kagachi, which can result in some powerful damage if used at the right moment.

You can check out this trailer to take a look at some of the story and gameplay:

Oninaki will release on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC August 22nd. You can pick up the demo for free on Playstation 4. According to a post by Gematsu, a Switch demo is underway and live in North America.

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