Oninaki is the New Action RPG from the Developers of I Am Setsuna

Oninaki is the New Action RPG from the Developers of I Am Setsuna

The developers Tokyo RPG Factory behind I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear have revealed a new title called Oninaki. The action-RPG is set to his the Switch, Playstation 4 and Steam in summer.

Oninaki is the New Action RPG

Publisher Square Enix shares the story of Kagachi, a so-called Watcher with the ability to move between the Living World and the Beyond. In a tale where the the Watcher must seek out wandering souls of the dead who are the Lost, to send them on their way onto the next world.

Tokyo RPG Factory takes inspiration from the classic JRPG genre, taking on some similarities in aesthetic to their previous titles Lost Sphear and I Am Setsuna, but going with bolder colours and a slightly different art style. I especially like how they depict the two different worlds, contrasting the Living World’s visuals with The Beyond’s almost negative colour scheme.

Tokyo RPG Factory are yet to unveil some of the gameplay details, but you can take a look at the released trailer to get a quick overview of what’s to come. The trailer shows what appears to be hack’n’slash action featuring some weapon choices including halberds and swords.

Oninaki will release on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC this summer, with more details to follow.

If you want you can wait for Oninaki be sure to check out our Lost Sphear Preview. You can also check out more RPG happenings in Final Fantasy VII Comes To Switch In March And Final Fantasy IX Launched Today and Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Releases Summer 2019.


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