Official Fallout 76 Merch Available for Pre-Order

Official Fallout 76 Merch Available for Pre-Order

Bethesda Softworks is working together with Numskull Designs to bring Fallout 76 fans a special range of merchandise, marking the official launch of the title on November 14th.

Official Fallout 76 Merch Available for Pre-Order

If you’re looking to grab some Fallout 76 collectibles these could be very well worth it, especially with Christmas coming up. The collection includes Vault Boy 3D Christmas decorations, LED lamp, Barrel Vault Boy Incense Burner and a Nuka-World steel mug. Full list of merchandise is below:

  • Vault Boy 3D keychains (6 variants)
  • Vault Boy 3D Christmas decorations (6 pack)
  • Vault Boy Coat Hooks
  • Vault Boy LED lamp (due December 2018)
  • ‘Have a Great Day’ rubber floor mat
  • Nuka Cola pin badge set
  • Pip-Boy pin badge sets
  • Bomb 3D mug
  • Vault 76 3D mug
  • Nuka-World steel mug

You can pre-order your Official Fallout 76 Merchandise now and the collection will be release on November 14th. To pre-purchase the items you can do so at

Fallout 76 will release worldwide on November 14th, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders are already available via Amazon, those who pre-order will have access to the B.E.T.A..

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