Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch Exclusive Screenshots

Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch Exclusive Screenshots

Square Enix just revealed today a new set of screenshots for the Nintendo Switch exclusive game Octopath Traveler, a JRPG set to release July 13th, 2018.

Octopath Traveler Screenshots

A set of screenshots have dropped from Square Enix for Octopath Traveler which include two characters, H’aanit the hunter and Therion the thief.

The 26 years old hunter H’aanit has long lived in the village in the Woodland region, but her master has left the village long ago to hunt the infamous monster known as “Red Eyes”. She decides to leave the village in search of him, to find out what happened that caused him not to return. Her character has a special path action called “Provoke”that let’s her control beasts to help defend her against troublemakers or “persuade” them to get out of dodge to unblock travel routes. She is armed with a bow for long range attacks, her critical hit is down to her accuracy and will slow down her foes.

The second character is 22 years old Therion from the Cliffland region, a thief who makes the rich fear him. His special path action is to “Steal” making goods that are not sold in stores available to him, either to use or to sell onto his clients. Equipped with a dagger his attacks can both drain SP and HP, or lower the opponent’s attack or defense.

The screenshots also show Noble and Rogue actions, which share whether you will choose the path of the righteous or a life of crime depending on your action choices. Actions in the noble favour can be used with 100% success, but are limited in rewards or level. Choosing Rogue actions means possibility of failure but the risk has greater rewards. Repeated failures will cause relationships to decline, but this can be remedied by bribing the innkeeper.

You can watch some of this in action in a recent trailer released on the Nintendo Youtube channel and the demo is currently available on the Nintendo Switch store:

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