Noctis Will Join Final Fantasy XIV in a New Collaboration Event

Noctis Will Join Final Fantasy XIV in a New Collaboration Event

The MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has seen its share of collaborations and 2019 is no different as a new event has been announced with a crossover with Final Fantasy XV.

Noctis Will Join Final Fantasy XIV in a New Collaboration Event

The main character in Final Fantasy XV Noctis will be appearing alongside the heroes in Final Fantasy XIV. The new crossover event was announced at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Paris held over the weekend.

Along with the news comes a trailer featuring the event, the campaign shares a lot of elements from Final Fantasy XV. The trailer starts with Noctis with the Regalia, a flying car that is used by him and his companions as they venture through Eos. The video shows Noctis battling against enemies alongside a companion, fans of Final Fantasy XV will find some of those foes quite familiar.

We also get to see characters from Final Fantasy XIV using some of Noctis’ Royal Arms weapons which means you should be able to gain them by taking part in the collaboration, this could be a permanent addition or for the duration of the event. As well as weapons comes the first 4 person mount to join the game, players will get a chance to gain a Regalia of their very own.

You can check out the full trailer below:

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, Mac, and PS4. Final Fantasy XV is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The event is expected to launch sometime mid-April.

If you want more Final Fantasy XIV be sure to read more about the upcoming expansion Square Enix Unveils Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. You can also read about the previous crossover event in Final Fantasy XV Crossover With Final Fantasy XIV In New Update. For all your adventuring needs check out our Final Fantasy XV wiki.


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