No Elden Ring News at TGA 2019

No Elden Ring News at TGA 2019

This year’s The Game Awards 2019 was full of announcements, but one noticeable absence was any news of Elden Ring.

No Elden Ring News at TGA 2019

To much of our disappointment this year’s TGA 2019 did not have more news on upcoming open-world RPG Elden Ring, the next project for FromSoftware. While the FromSoft team was at TGA to pick up the GOTY award for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, they didn’t have any news to share for Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is a third-person action RPG with a fantasy setting. Gameplay-wise, it’s heavily based on Dark Souls.

One of the highly anticipated games due to the collaboration between the souls developer and Song of Fire and Ice/Games of Thrones author G.R.R. Martin behind the mythology. The dark fantasy open-world action-RPG has had snippets of information revealed since it’s trailer was debuted at E3 2019, but that’s all we’ve actually seen of the game so far, a short cinematic.

What do know is that it will be the “biggest title yet in terms of sheer volume” according to Hidetaka Miyazaki, with plenty of “weapons, magic and ways to engage enemies” with an open-world. Despite the lack of actual gameplay and confirmed release date, From have already set up pre-orders. We expect a very Souls experience but at a much grander scale, with more open-world exploration with traveling on horseback between locations. Elden Ring is what Miyazaki calls a “natural evolution of Dark Souls”. While there won’t be towns, there will be a much freer path than previous From titles.

Creating a new type of game is a big challenge for us. If we would add towns on top of that, it would become a bit too much, so we decided to create an open world style game focused on what we are best at.

What does this mean for Elden Ring?

While some have predicted a release date for early 2020, what this means is most likely the game is not ready to be shown, making it more likely that it won’t be ready to release until a window of September-October. Since TGA 2019 is the last major show before the end of the year, we’ll be looking to 2020 for more info and gameplay.

Elden Ring will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, with no release window announced as of yet, but pre-orders state 2020.

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