NIS Delays Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana PC Port

NIS Delays Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana PC Port

As of a few days ago Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana was supposed to be coming to PC on January 30th, however, unfortunately that won’t be happening. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mitsuharu Hiraoka, stated the following in a recent press releases:

Low framerate issues and memory leak problems were apparent from the earliest PC builds we received. To help combat these, we looked into the drawing processes, which lead to an overall improvement in performance. However, we are still encountering framerate drops in specific circumstances. The systems regulating these framerate issues are heavily reliant on the architecture of the original PlayStation 4 version and, as such, are not existent in PC architecture. The memory leak issues are somewhat less complicated and expected to be resolved this weekend. But in order to solve these issues, we have determined that we must modify the core level of data in the game.

What Does This Mean for the PC Port?

Because of the aforementioned issues, the PC port of the game will be moved to an entirely different developer who will primarily focus on frame rate improvements as well as other PC optimizations. Once that process begins, they will monitor the progress and determine the release schedule. They will also be sure to give regular updates regarding the progress. This is really bad news, as it means the PC version is probably still months away at best.

The silver lining is that the relocalization of the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game won’t be affected and will will still release on January 30th.

If you have made a pre-purchase on Steam and would like a refund due to this delay, please use the link provided.


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