Nioh Will Receive PvP Mode As Free DLC

Nioh Will Receive PvP Mode As Free DLC

Speaking to Gamereactor, Nioh director Yosuke Hayashi said that developer Team Ninja will add PvP to the game in a post launch DLC. According to Hayashi:

We plan to offer for free a player-vs-player mode in the near future after the launch of Nioh. There is also a season pass available for purchase on the PlayStation Store which will add three large DLCs that will be launched shortly after the game’s launch.

We asked director Fumihiko Yasuda during our E3 Nioh interview whether PvP would be in the game, and at the time he was hopeful but was not certain. This confirmation is great news for fans who enjoyed the co-op and revenant system during the demos but were hoping for some true 1v1 combat. There are no details on how the mode will function, whether it’s environmental in-game or via a dedicated arena. We’ll be sure to bring updates when we know.


Nioh releases on February 7th in NA, 8th in EU and 9th in Japan and we learned yesterday that the game has gone gold and will launch as planned. Get ready for some intense samurai dueling!

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