Nioh Translated Patch Notes Released

Nioh Translated Patch Notes Released

If you’ve been playing Team Ninja’s Nioh on PS4 since it launched, you may have noticed a new patch that came through yesterday. After initially only being released in Japanese, Team Ninja has now provided an official English translation of what the patch changed.

Nioh Patch 1.03 Notes

Balance Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issues that sometimes prevented completing the following Sub Missions:
  • Fixed a bug which caused emotion tutorial window to remain throughout the Daizaifu main mission
  • Fixed a bug that prevented unlocking the title, “Saika Magoichi Cruiser”


Thoughts on the changes? The Nioh wiki is filling up with great tips and strategies on how to beat all the bosses, find every Kodama and much more. In keeping with their monthly video update format, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo will be hosting a livestream next Monday. Perhaps we’ll hear some more about DLC, specifically PvP? We can’t wait. Keep checking back for more updates!

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