Nioh Releases New Screenshots

Nioh Releases New Screenshots

Koei Tecmo has updated the official Japanese site for Nioh today with a bunch of brand new screenshots for our viewing.

The screenshots feature protagonist William and other characters taking on some new enemies, including the giant toad boss we witnessed during the gameplay demonstration in last month’s livestream. We also get a look at what seems like some new weapons and armor in freeze frame action. Check out the gallery below!

At the Playstation Experience over the weekend we also got a brand new trailer that teased even more never before seen stuff, and got the crowd appropriately hyped.

Enjoy the samurai eye candy! Nioh releases for the PS4 on February 7th, 2017 in NA, February 8th in EU and February 9th in Japan. Keep checking back with us for more updates!

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3 comments on “Nioh Releases New Screenshots”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Anyone else who can’t let go of the Naruto vibe for the frog boss? xD

  2. Avatar Agurzil says:

    Uhh, these are neat. I suspect the sickle and chain will be a new weapon class, tailored for ninjutsu builds?

    you seem to know about Japanese mythology / demons, care to name & explain some of these new enemies? I do not know what that leg with one eye and a hat is, or if the large horned humanoid with long nails is supposed to be something special… ?

  3. Avatar Nodos says:

    Looking good…
    This sickle and chain looks really interesting, despite the fact spears are the best.

    As for the Frog boss. Well, if the target group is Naruto fans, i think they nailed it. Awesome graphics and lore.

    And their Oni-developing is over the top. Deeply influenced by Japanese Mythology.

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