Nioh Releases Epic Opening Cinematic Movie

Nioh Releases Epic Opening Cinematic Movie

If you simply can’t wait until next week’s release of Team Ninja’s PS4 exclusive Nioh, publisher Koei Tecmo has you covered. They’ve made the game’s opening cinematic movie available for people to watch over and over again for the next several days. Check it out:

The tour de force trailer spans a lot of what main character William Adams¬†will be encountering in the game such as NPCs, enemies, bosses, and weapons. It’s a pretty action packed 2 minutes that should serve as the perfect appetizer for the game’s events.

Review embargos for Nioh have lifted and the internet is abound in content and opinions including our own review. While you’re killing time this week with the trailer, check out our lore article on the history of Nioh as well as the Nioh Wiki which is already packed with tons of great info. Nioh releases February 7th in NA and on subsequent days worldwide.

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