NIOH PC Launch Trailer!

NIOH PC Launch Trailer!

Developer Team Ninja has released a PC launch trailer of Nioh: Complete Edition  in anticipation of the game coming to the platform.

NIOH – It’s Next Week!

Nioh  on PC will have support for keyboard and mouse control, as well as the option to use a Dualshock 4 gamepad. Also, the game won’t be using the Denuvo DRM. All previously released DLC content for the action-RPG will be included so PC players won’t be missing out on anything.

The new video features a blend of gameplay, locales, bosses and what’s at stake in a non-spoiler way. You can check out the latest action-packed trailer to Nioh,  down below:

Nioh  is now available for PlayStation 4, while Nioh: Complete Edition  will launch for both PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam on November 7th.

You can check out our review on Nioh  to see you’re up to the challenge!

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