Nioh New Patch Released Today, Makes Improvements to PvP, Clan Battles & More

Nioh New Patch Released Today, Makes Improvements to PvP, Clan Battles & More

Anew patch is available today for Nioh that addresses some issues introduced with last week’s patch as well as makes some new modifications to the game. In addition to adding some new Clans to the Clan Battles feature, the storage space has been increased from 2000 to 4000 slots. Furthermore, PvP continues to get balance adjustments such as changes to timing and mechanics. Weapons and skills also received some tweaks and adjustments as well as the usual litany of bug fixes.

In keeping with their recent puzzling method of releasing patch notes, the English translations were released via a series of images which you can peruse for the finer details:

Making your way through the recent Dragon of the North DLC? Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for some great videos on how to take out the new bosses.

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6 comments on “Nioh New Patch Released Today, Makes Improvements to PvP, Clan Battles & More”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Damn team ninja mean business with these patches!

  2. Avatar Valvatorez says:

    Man the patchnotes for Nioh have more text in it than some complete games.^^

  3. Avatar Lich180 says:

    The reimbursement they did got me 72 divine shards and 15mil gold, and I recently went to an odachi build from the dual swords, so I’m pretty happy with the changes so far. Nothing got hit really hard with the nerf hammer, just readjusted a little so it’s not so OP.

  4. Avatar Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    I figured they would nerf Ninjitsu…

    I can’t complain because it kind of needed it.. but damn. I don’t care about it in PVP but if it’s nerfed in PvE to uselessness, it would make my Iga build obsolete.

  5. Avatar Lich180 says:

    I had plenty of ninjutsu users in co-op yesterday, and they are still pretty lethal. Not quite the level they were, but they could still kill stuff way faster than I could. Went from a one shot to a two shot kinda thing.

  6. Avatar Shadeon says:

    Ninjutsu is still crazy powerful in PvP too. Those machine gun kunai still shred health, even through guard. I didn’t notice any difference post patch when facing the same people who ninja spam in the arena all day long.

    Windstorm and blade spin are now significantly weaker, so people relying solely on either will now have to hit other buttons on their controller. This probably won’t stop the multitude of players who like to charge recklessly into the spinny whirlwinds of death from complaining about them though.

    Sign of the Cross is actually stronger now.. Despite it supposedly being nerfed?

    Odachi is now the most common weapon in the arena now because of the buffs.

    Windmill is now useful in PvP because of the added stagger factor.

    All weapons in PvP are now +0 regardless of your actual upgrade level.

    Quick change scrolls now last all of about two seconds(not actually) in PvP, so you now need to pay attention to the timer instead of just "Set it and forget it!". Totally love this change.

    The delay between casting abilities and using items has been increased significantly, with the exception of throwing weapons of course.

    If you don’t wear the Tatenashi set it’s now more beneficial to have ‘Equipment weight damage bonus A’ instead of ‘Agility damage bonus A’ on your ranged weapons, assuming you’re at B agility.

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