Nioh – New Patch 1.12 Releasing: Adds Improvements to Blacksmith, Support for Background Music

Nioh – New Patch 1.12 Releasing: Adds Improvements to Blacksmith, Support for Background Music

A new patch for Nioh is on its way for players that not only makes some bug fixes and adjustments but adds some new improvements to the game, especially the Blacksmith. Read on for the full notes.

Nioh Patch 1.12 Notes


  • Added the “Donation” feature to the Clan Battles system. You can now donate equipment to your clan to obtain glory. Also, if you fulfill certain conditions, you will earn special rewards.
  • Added the “Temper” feature to the Blacksmith menu. You can use a new type of item called “Umbracite” that allows you to choose new special effects for your equipment from a list. After obtaining Umbracite, open the reforging menu and press the △ button to begin tempering.
  • The following features have been added to the Blacksmith after you select “I have request for Muramasa.”
    • Allows you to pay the cost of Soul Match with patronage.
    • Allows you to forge Silabar Ingots. When you forge a Silabar Ingot, you will immediately use all of your Amrita, a percentage of which will be stored within the ingot. You can later use the Silabar Ingot to obtain the amrita stored within it.
    • Grants a low chance of obtaining rare forging materials when you disassemble equipment.
  • After selecting “Reforge” from the Blacksmith menu, pressing the △ button will reselect the most recently selected entry.
  • Added support for USB Music Player / PlayStation Music.


  • Increased initial completion rewards of Twilight missions
    • Added/adjusted initial rewards, including the addition of Umbracite. -Increased the amount of gold/amrita received as part of the initial rewards. (When a Twilight mission reappears, you can obtain the initial rewards again.)
  • Increased rewards when playing as a Visitor:
    • Umbracite will now randomly drop when you defeat an enemy.
    • The level of the equipment you can obtain will now increase based on your progress.
    • You can now receive Umbracite as a reward for completing a mission as a Visitor. -Increased the crest protection of the following clans: Ishida / Otani / Nato / Mohri / Kuroda / Kikkawa / Torii / Matsunaga / Saika / Uesugi / Shibata / Mori / Fuma / Takeda / Murakami / Naoe / Ashikaga / Satake / Ukita / Asakura
    • Increased the crest protection’s starting value of the following clans: Oda / Shima / Chosokabe / Tachibana / Date / Fukushima / Akechi
  • Adjusted/changed clan protection bonuses that are determined by membership duration:
    • Decreased the amount of time it takes to receive the highest bonus from membership duration.
    • After rejoining a clan you were previously part of, you will now start with a portion of the membership duration bonus you previously had. (This only applies to clan transfers performed after ver. 1.12.)
    • You can now increase your membership duration bonus by making donations. (If you have already reached the maximum bonus level, donations will not increase it further.)


  • Fixed a bug in which your previous “Glory Contributed” value would sometimes be reflected as the current value under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug in which you would be unable to recover amrita taken by amrita-stealing attacks from enemies like the One-eyed Imp if you defeated the enemy before the amrita was completely stolen. Also fixed a bug in which the amount of amrita you could obtain from an enemy who stole amrita would decrease if you had a large amount of amrita.
  • Fixed a bug in which the skill “Stone Mallet” would trigger even when you didn’t hold the button.
  • Fixed a bug in which the level at which you completed “The Queen’s Eyes” would be the same as that of “The Demon King Revealed” in the gameplay record menu.
  • Fixed a bug in PVP battles in which you would sometimes not be matched with people using the same secret word if you had set the battle type to “Without Conditions” and the secret word to “On” when searching.
  • Fixed a bug in which “Amrita Obtained” would include amrita obtained from using a book of reincarnation when displayed in the gameplay record menu.

Team Ninja’s post-launch support of the game has been impressive as their patches have been regular and very much focused on quality of life fixes as well as adding new features. The Dragon of the North DLC released in May, and 2 more DLC packs are still on the way, Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End. Thoughts on the patch? Keep checking back with us for more.

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2 comments on “Nioh – New Patch 1.12 Releasing: Adds Improvements to Blacksmith, Support for Background Music”

  1. Avatar Shadeon says:

    Good stuff; definitely agree that their support for Nioh has been impressive. Now if only they’d change clan bonuses to stay maxed out without the need to constantly farm glory like it’s a full time job for some of those clans.

  2. Avatar ElvesRule says:

    Crafting upgrades are always welcome. At this point, I’m only playing every 5 days, when I can help strangers with the hardest (for now) twilight mission. Like today. Anxiously awaiting next DLC. :00020:

    On the up side, this has allowed me to return to DS3 and play the last DLC. Not liking it as much as Nioh. Or Breath of the Wild. :tongue:

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