Nioh Launch Day & New Player Help Guide

Nioh Launch Day & New Player Help Guide

Today is the long awaited launch day for Nioh, Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden meets Dark Souls Action RPG exclusively on the PS4. Similar to the Soulsborne series, the game is a challenging experience that has as much hidden as it has explained. To help navigate your first steps in the game, we’ve put together a New Player Help Guide and FAQ on the Nioh Wiki. We’re going to compile the best starting tips in this article, so bookmark this page and keep it handy.

Helpful Pages on the Nioh Wiki

  • Controls: Details the basic layout of the controller. Controls can be customized.
  • Lore: Understand Nioh’s time period and setting, and the lore of Yokai.
  • Combat: Explains the basics of combat, Stats, and Stances.
  • FAQ: How to quit a mission? How to re-spec your character? And all frequent questions.
  • Skills: Lists all available skills for all weapons and magics.
  • Weapons & Armor pages: All available equippable gear so you can plan your build. You can also look at the Builds page for further suggestions
  • Blacksmith: A full explanation of all menus and possibilities for crafting at the Blacksmith
  • Missions: Missions from start to finish with walkthroughs and strategies.
  • Bosses: Nioh’s bosses are tough! Check their individual pages for tips and strategies.
  • New Game Plus: What happens once you finish the game.
  • Nioh Forums: Ask questions, help others, find in-game help.


New Player Starting Tips

The following are some starter tips to consider:

  • Unlock any DLC acquired with your purchase or via the demos by visiting a Shrine and going to the “Boons” menu.
  • When you chose your first Spirit Guardian, Isonade is an excellent one to pick, as Spirit is one of the most important stats in the game. You will be able to collect all Spirit Guardians throughout the game, so don’t worry about the initial choice locking you out of options.
  • Most new players, especially those unfamiliar with the Souls type of game, have a lot of difficulty managing stamina (KI) in Nioh. Learn to control the number and speed of attacks, and to avoid panic responses in all combat situations before learning attack strings and patterns. Players should invest in Skills and gear that optimize Ki Pulses to their advantage. Furthermore, when facing a yokai, the Ki Pulse will purify the area of it’s stamina hampering effect.
  • Once the player understands the Ki system, the next thing to learn is the Ki Pulse ability.  Pushing the ‘change style’ button on its own activates the Ki Pulse ability, recovering all still-reducing player stamina before it expires.
  • Don’t try to tackle groups of enemies. Lure them out one by one to make missions more manageable.
  • Don’t ignore the Combat Stances. Each has their situational use. Don’t look at them as a playstyle preference but something to change depending on the enemy in front of you.
  • Block! It’s an effective strategy to work in with your attacking.
  • The Katana and the Spear have straight-forward but powerful movesets, they are both excellent for beginners.
  • Headshots with ranged weapons, especially on foes without helmets on are devastating and can sometimes kill them with one shot.
  • You can get help for any mission by using an Ochoko cup to summon a random visitor into your world.
  • If the manual Ki-system is too overwhelming to you in beginning: Every weapon has the option to unlock Ki-regain on dodging. You have to unlock it per weapon and per stance but it is very much worth it and will make thing a lot more fluent till you master manual Ki-regain.
  • Archers have a certain range. You can, with practice, attack from a greater range than them, ensuring they cannot attack you in return.
  • If your favorite weapon is getting a bit too weak, Soul Match it with a higher-level version of the same weapon. Doing so will ensure you keep your trusty weapon, but it will have increased in power, and the familiarity will be reset to 0 to allow for even greater potential.
  • If you find a wall with eyes, don’t panic. It’s just a Nurikabe. You can tackle it in one of two ways. You can attack it, and kill it like any other enemy (Kayaku-dama are recommended, so you can stay at a good distance from its attacks), or you can take the peaceful route. If you do a gesture to a Nurikabe, it will disappear peacefully if the gesture is to its liking. A Respectful gesture (blue) is your best bet to start with, and if that doesn’t work, try a Neutral gesture (yellow).
  • All enemies telegraph their attacks beforehand. Take note of these, even if it takes a few deaths to learn them, and you will have much greater success in Nioh.
  • Bosses, while challenging, are very pattern based. Keep your distance and watch their attacks and movements carefully. Often after they miss an attack, they are left momentarily vulnerable for a few attacks. Generally dodging to their side and rear are effective tactics in staying safe and doing damage.
  • Triggering your Guardian Spirit’s Living Weapon next to bosses often drops them to the floor allowing for several undisturbed hits.
  • Work towards Titles. The last area of the first mission has several human enemies, dwellers and crate to destroy. Work towards weapon kills, elemental damage, equipment offering etc. etc. All for the permanent bonuses the system offers. Just pray at the shrine when everything is destroyed and dead and repeat.


We’ve got plenty more to come here and on the Nioh Wiki. Be sure to check out our review and head over to our YouTube channel to find strategy videos on how to take down the game’s bosses! Picking up the game today? Have you already begun your journey into Japanese history? Tips of your own to share? Let us know what you think!


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