Nioh DLC Information: PvP, New Difficulty & First DLC Details

Nioh DLC Information: PvP, New Difficulty & First DLC Details

As part of Koei Tecmo’s monthly stream series for Nioh, the post launch plans for Team Ninja’s samurai RPG were laid out. In addition to giving a date for the release of PvP and a new difficulty mode, they also named and went into some detail of the upcoming DLC. You can watch the archive of the stream below and read on for more details:

In late March (17) they will be releasing high-difficulty missions to the game. There will be 10 types of these missions, including missions that will take the format of classic boss rush modes. In late April (17), PvP will coming, although they did not go into details as to what it will look like.

The first DLC for the game is called Dragon of Tohoku (Dragon of the North) and will launch in late April with the following content:

The second DLC will be called Japan’s Best Soldier and the third will be called Peaceful and Tranquil. There are no dates or details on these pieces of content just yet. They have also named Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End as future DLC titles, though we have no specific details.


Thoughts on the info? Where are you at in Nioh? If you’re still making your way through the main missions, be sure to check out our bosses page for a full strategy rundown of how to bring them down. If you’re doing some trophy hunting, check out our Kodama guide for how to find all 150 of them!

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7 comments on “Nioh DLC Information: PvP, New Difficulty & First DLC Details”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Unless they introduce some sort of pre-made builds, pvp is going to be so out of whack XD

  2. igniz13 says:

    High difficulty, because everyone’s talking about how easy the game is.

    I was wondering when Date would show up, glad it’s not a sequel.

  3. kyori says:

    Easy? So they have toned down the difficulty very much in the official release? I remember everyone was complaining it was tough in last year’s first demo.

  4. Avatar Lich180 says:

    They toned down the difficulty from the alpha test, yes. I’d say the current difficulty lies around where the beta was.

  5. Avatar Valvatorez says:

    It gets easier the further you get. In the first couple of stages the Yokai are actually dangerous but once you reach the third region you have seen pretty much every enemy type in the game and know how to fight them. The only two enemies that can be dangerous/annoying are the Flamewheel guys and the Tengus. Bosses also get easier as the game goes on. I think I died three times on all SEVEN! Bosses in the "Final" mission combined. Tachibana Muneshige (optional fight) alone took me 45 tries. And this guys hangs out in the first region of the game.

  6. Anonymous says:

    All that is needed to bring back the difficulty is the removal of sloth talisman.

  7. igniz13 says:

    Sloth isn’t that important. The stupid amount of damage buffs you can stack are more pertinent.

    I was being sarcastic about the games difficulty, or rather, we see more about how hard it is but now we’re getting even greater challenges.

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