Nioh Defiant Honor DLC Releases Today on PS4

Nioh Defiant Honor DLC Releases Today on PS4

Today Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have released the next Nioh DLC titled Defiant Honor. Defiant Honor is the second DLC after May’s Dragon of the North and is included in the Season Pass or costs 9.99 on its own.

Nioh Defiant Honor DLC

nioh defiant honor dlc

Defiant Honor takes us to Osaka Castle, the largest and most impregnable castle of Sengoku era. This add-on features the legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura, serving Tokugawa Ieyasu’s archenemy Toyotomi clan, who values honor above all else. As tensions brew between the Tokugawa and Toyotomi clans, Sanada Yukimura prepares his men for imminent conflict against the Tokugawa’s forces by building a stronghold called the Sanada Maru on the outskirts of the Osaka Castle. With the castle fortified, Tokugawa’s forces were faced with a difficult and bloody challenge.

Included in the DLC is the following:

nioh defiant honor dlc

This week we learned about the third and final piece of DLC for Nioh, which will be titled Genna Enbu (official English title pending). They did not reveal any specific information regarding the content but we can anticipate a similar package to what we’ve seen so far, which includes new missions and bosses to take on during actual historical events in the Sengoku period of Japan’s history.

nioh defiant honor dlc

Digging into Defiant Honor this week? Let us know what you think about it in the comments and be sure to keep checking in with us for everything Nioh related.

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  1. delaborga says:

    the dlc isnt out just yet

  2. Avatar Lich180 says:

    It’s out in Asia, the US should get it when the PSN store updates.

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