NIOH: Complete Edition Won’t Use DRM Denuvo On PC!

NIOH: Complete Edition Won’t Use DRM Denuvo On PC!

The previously announced PC release of the once PlayStation exclusive action-RPG, Nioh: Complete Edtion  had many PC gamers weep tears of joy. And as customary, it wasn’t long until questions perked up about the upcoming PC version’s technical aspect.

NIOH – Coming To PC Next Month!

A recent interview WCCFTech  conducted with Team Ninja’s Creative Director, Fumihiko Yasuda, gave answers to some of those questions. With one of them asking about the Denuvo DRM, to which the Director simply replied:

The game will not be using DENUVO.

The other questions raised, revealed that the game will be set at a 16:9 aspect ratio with no support for ultra wide monitors, and that Nioh  on PC will allow players to fully tune visual options and not be locked to the pre-determined “Action/Movie” modes found on the PlayStation 4, as previously thought.

We introduced these two modes as pre-set graphical options. This means that the resolution, rendering quality and framerates are independent options that can be altered by the player.

The Director also revealed that the game will be compatible with a DualShock 4 controller using plugins on the PC. And while Keyboard/Mouse support is present, he recommends playing the game with a gamepad.

“Compatible controllers are Steam controllers, PS4 controllers (DirectInput compatible controllers), and Xbox type controllers (XInput compatible controllers).”

Yasuda goes on “Whilst you can play using keyboard or controller, we recommend using a controller for the best experience!”

Also, an explanation for the PC’s 100GB download was shared, stating it comprised of all 3 DLCs after  compression and was open about the size not being final.

“In addition to the main game, we’re including the three additional DLC packages. Taking into consideration the data compression rate and allowing some buffer, we’ve currently announced 100GB.”  says Yasuda

“we are aiming to have the game run using less hard drive space and will announce the details ahead of launch.”

Already, this is looking to be a promising port for the PC platform. But, only once we get our hands on the game will we see if it holds up in practice.

Nioh  is currently available on PlayStation 4, while Nioh: Complete Edition  will launch on November 7th for both PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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