Nioh Beta Survey Results: 500 carry items, Re-spec token & more

Nioh Beta Survey Results: 500 carry items, Re-spec token & more

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have released the official translation of the notes we brought you with our TGS 2016 Nioh coverage. For ease of access, these are the conclusions that the developer has arrived at from your feedback, as well as notes on what was said during the TGS presentation of the resolutions:

Results of Nioh Beta Survey

Thank you to all who played the Nioh Beta Demo!
We also appreciate the tons of valuable feedback many of you also gave through our online survey. The dev team has read through the feedback and is coming up with improvements to make the final game even better.

In addition, it is safe to delete the Nioh Beta Demo game data and save data. Deleting these data will not affect the Mark of the Conqueror and the Mark of the Warrior.


• Fine tune the game balance and pace (FL note: They felt you could out-level the game and make it too easy)
• Adjust RPG elements such as player growth and armor parameters (FL note: The RPG aspects felt not well-balanced)
• Further improvements to clarify the interface and make it easier to use (FL note: Particular for item selection and skill upgrades)


• Implement a training stage for tutorials on basic controls and core game actions.
Action & Controls
• Revise the TPS controls
• Add and adjust samurai skills
• Adjust the player damage/defeat
• Adjust the methods and performance of lowering the enemy stamina (FL Note: They said enemies had too much stamina and it wasn’t easy or clear how to remove it)
• Adjust the weight and agility of armor (FL Note: Heavy builds were too much at a disadvantage)
Level Design/Stages
• Adjust position of enemies including the Twilight Missions (FL Note: They felt there were too many at times, and will remove adds from boss fights, but adjust boss difficulty up)
• Adjust enemy detection issues (FL Note: Bosses would attack co-op players at random even if the player is behind them. Aggro will be better managed)
• Adjust collision such as dropping edges (FL Note: No more unfair drop to your death situations)
• Adjust strength and attack power of enemies
• Adjust the AI tracking ability and groupthink (FL note: this refers to aggro-links so enemies won’t be aggro-linked when pulled individually)
• Add Boss attack variations in the Twilight Missions
• Revise superarmor (stagger/no stagger) and homing abilities (FL note: this is meant to remove the absurd homing of some projectiles)
• Expand the maximum number of items (overall and per item) (FL note: from 200 to 500)
• Adjust the amount of armor items dropped (FL note: so you don’t get a lot of useless loot)
• Expand the functions of the Blacksmith, adjust the requirements of Re-Forge and Soul Match
• Implement items when player level is reset (FL note: they talked about adding a re-spec item)
• Revise each type of reward
• Improve each type of interface and usability (FL note: In particular the Skills screen will now be MUCH easier to understand)
• Expand the tutorial (FL note: so the harder mechanics and hidden mechanics are better explained, and you are reminded of them)
• Improve camera behavior in areas of bad visibility and inclines
• Add the ON/OFF option for camera autocorrect
• Adjust Revenant drops
• Improve the enemy attack behavior during co-op play (FL note: They were seem as too easy)
• Fix enemy transparency bugs
• Allow movies to be skipped after the Boss is obliterated in co-op play
• Stabilize the frame rate of image optimization
• Fix various problems and bugs

Nioh Beta Survey Statistics


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6 comments on “Nioh Beta Survey Results: 500 carry items, Re-spec token & more”

  1. LoreandLore says:

    That’s a ton of changes! My hopes are really high for this game

  2. Avatar Tarshana says:

    Wow, this is the first time in years I have seen a game dev so heavily involved with the player Beta. Much props!

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Team Ninja is a really rather involved developer, and I applaud their effort to find the sweet spot between action game and rpg, it is certainly not easy!

    Our chat with Team Ninja a few months back was also very telling of a developer who cares for the experience they deliver

  4. Avatar Emergence says:

    The care being put into this is impressive. While playing the game, the producer was intently looking over people’s shoulders, clearly taking notes on the player experience and where people succeeded and failed. They’re making what I like to call a gamer’s game, and one that harkens back to the golden era of Japanese development. The last games I felt similarly about was Dragon’s Dogma and Monster Hunter and they don’t even come close in this regard.

  5. Avatar Agurzil says:

    Seeing how much effort they put into this game really puts my hope up. I mean, we had Nioh stuff for a long time now, alpha stuff and some info from their side, since, dunno, more than a year now? Too sad it’ll be a ps4 exclusive.

  6. BerliozX says:

    Give it a year it’ll be on PC so the PC players can enjoy it! (I say as I’m getting giddy just waiting for this game on console)

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