Nioh 2’s Open Beta Feedback is Helping to Improve the Game

Nioh 2’s Open Beta Feedback is Helping to Improve the Game

On the Playstation Blog, developer Team Ninja shared what happened with all the feedback they received during the open beta that was held last month.

Nioh 2’s Open Beta Feedback is Helping to Improve the Game

While most of the feedback is on the positive side from the infographic they released showing the results from player response, Creative Director Tom Lee shares that there will be balances changes for all Yokai actions due to “portions that felt unreasonably difficulty”. He also highlighted that there will be alterations made to level of punishments especially in the Dark Realm“adding merits where the maximum Ki damage is increased against enemy Yokai”.

These are just some of the improvements, there was also a more extensive account of further changes and improvements posts on blog. This includes improved tracking for switchglaive, adding active skills to all weapons, adjusting Yokai shift and burst counters, plus more.

For the full list of changes you can check out the two page account below:

There was also a summary of Beta Demo results which showed an overall positive response to the demo, but Team Ninja aren’t resting on their laurels as there are plenty of improvements being made.

Nioh 2 will be releasing on March 13th 2020, releasing on Playstation 4.

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