Nioh 2 To Have Further Difficulty Updates Plus Endgame Content

Nioh 2 To Have Further Difficulty Updates Plus Endgame Content

Team Ninja have revealed more about post-launch content for Nioh 2 including further difficulty updates and endgame content similar to Abyss for Nioh.

Nioh 2 To Have Further Difficulty Updates Plus Endgame Content

In an article by Famitsu which was shared by Silconera, Nioh 2 developer Team Ninja shared more about post-launch content. This included adding further difficulty modes after launch, but not as many as the last Nioh, as they felt it was unfair last time.

They also talked about three big DLC stories that was announced earlier this year, the size is comparable to the previous Nioh DLC, which gives a rough idea about the content. The stories will provide a different time frame from the main story, sharing different tales that are not part of the main narrative.

Other interesting highlights include that the devs wish to add two new weapons to the game but are having a hard time coming up with some ideas, so they are asking players for some suggestions. So if you want to share some requests, now’s probably the time to tweet the devs with the kind of weapons you’d want to see in the game.

Team Ninja will also be adding post-game replayable content similar to the Abyss from the first Nioh. But the developer assures this will come with improvements.

Nioh 2 will release on Playstation 4 on March 13th 2020. The Last Chance Trial starts this weekend, starting February 28th, so don’t miss out on this demo.

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