Nioh 2 New Screenshots Reveal Nohime and Yoshimoto Imagawa

Nioh 2 New Screenshots Reveal Nohime and Yoshimoto Imagawa

Koei Tecmo reveal new screenshots revealing Yoshimoto Imagawa and returning character Nohime.

Nioh 2 New Screenshots Revealed Nohime and Yoshimoto Imagawa

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Koei Tecmo has revealed some new info about Nioh 2. The video was also published with English closed captions, so you can also learn about all the latest.

Yoshimoto Imagawa (Kaido Ichi no Yumitori)

The most noteworthy reveals include two characters for Nioh 2, one being Yoshimoto Imagawa who is voiced by Ryusei Nakao. He was a feudal loard who was the ruler of Tokaido and was called “Kaido Ichi no Yumitori”. He is pretty handy with a bow and arrow but also is quite the swordsman, using a two sword attack comprised of his weapons Sozamonji and Matsukurago. Yoshimoto also has a Guardian Spirit which takes the form of a large elephant called Rokugezo who can invoke lightning strikes.

Yuki-onna (Nohime)

The second character to be shown is Yuki-onna or the incarnation of Nohime who previously had a role in the first Nioh, and is voiced by Rie Tanaka. The Guardian Spirit takes the form of Usurahicho, known to be very connected to the soul of the dead.

Defeating the military commander or an enemy that possesses a Guardian Spirit means you will be able to invoke it.

New Screenshots and Video

There were also a number of screenshots released featuring these two characters as well as some action shots, and even the majestic white elephant. You can watch the video below, be sure to have captions enabled to get the English translation.


Nioh 2 will release on Playstation 4 in early 2020 but an open beta will take place from November 1st until November 10th 2019.

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