Nioh 2 Launches March 2020, Open Beta Starts November 1st

Nioh 2 Launches March 2020, Open Beta Starts November 1st

Last updated on November 6th, 2019

Team Ninja have announced the launch date for Nioh 2 just a couple days ahead of the open beta this week.

Nioh 2 Launches March 2020, Open Beta Starts November 1st

Team Ninja have announced that Nioh 2 will be launching on March 13th 2020. This news comes just a couple days shy of the open beta which starts on Friday 1st November. Along with this news comes a launch date announcement trailer and details for joining the open beta. You can check out the new trailer below:

Open Beta Details

If you want to take part in the Open Beta to get a closer look at Nioh 2, you can join in on the fun on November 1st until November 10th. You will need to download the open beta from the Playstation Store which will let you experience some new features such as an extensive character customisation, new weapon the Switchglaive and more.

The starting zone for the beta will be the Interim which is safe zone. Here you will be able to choose weapons, test movesets and move on to a real stage when you feel you’ve got the hang of things.

The Interim takes inspiration from the Tibetan Buddhist concept of state between life and death. It is also modelled on the Sanzu river meant to create peace and tranquillity.

After the Interim players will encounter a new stage called Sunomata, which is based on Sunomata castle, combining a historical monument with a Yokai story.

The open beta takes place from November 1st to November 10th giving you a good chunk of time to experience the game. Also don’t miss out on the Nioh 2 Character Creation contest. Also if you haven’t played Nioh yet you can grab the game this November as part of the Free PS Plus Games, if you’re diving in be sure to use our Nioh wiki.

Nioh 2 will launch on March 13th 2020 on Playstation 4.

For more Nioh 2 be sure to read next Nioh 2 Open Beta Character Creation Contest Announced. You can also check out some of the latest screenshots in Nioh 2 New Screenshots Reveal Nohime And Yoshimoto Imagawa. For for all your Yokai adventure needs be sure to drop by our Nioh 2 wiki.


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One comment on “Nioh 2 Launches March 2020, Open Beta Starts November 1st”

  1. Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    /throws money

    The character customization is great.
    It was late when it finished downloading but I was very impressed in a very short time.

    Thank you to Team Ninja for listening to feedback. I’ll buy the Deluxe and season pass just because they actually seem to care about what fans want.

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