Nioh 2 Demo Last Chance Trial Starts February 28th

Nioh 2 Demo Last Chance Trial Starts February 28th

Team Ninja have announced the Last Chance Trial demo for Nioh 2, which just like its name, it will be your last chance to try out the samurai action-RPG before Nioh 2 releases.

Nioh 2 Demo Last Chance Trial Starts February 28th

Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial is the demo that will be releasing on February 28th at 12 AM PT (midnight) and ending on March 1st 11:59PM PT. You will not be required to have PS Plus to play.

In this trial players will be able to customise their character, summon some powerful Yokai to join them in battle and be able to take charge of the Switchglaive.

The trial includes three missions to test your samurai mettle in Mount Tenno. Here you will come in contact with a number of deadly foes with their equally deadly weapons. While your game progress won’t transfer to the final game, your character’s look will.

Nioh 2 combines the action combat of a samurai with Yokai Shift, a demonic form which wields a number of powers. Players can kit out their Yokai form with many skills and bonuses to choose from. If you want to know more about what sets this action-RPG apart, be sure to check out our Whatโ€™s New With Nioh 2: Is It Just Nioh 1.5?.

Nioh 2 recently went gold, and is on track for its release on March 13th on Playstation 4.

Stop by our Nioh 2 wiki for all the latest. You can also find out how the last beta demo helped shaped the Yokai experience.


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