Nioh 2 Beta: The Complete Guide

Nioh 2 Beta: The Complete Guide

Last updated on November 20th, 2019

Team Ninja released the Nioh 2 Beta for all Playstation users to try out. In this guide I will be providing some useful tips and info which will get you through the beta.

Nioh 2 Beta: The Complete Guide

Players who complete the first mission will be able to obtain the Kamaitachi Helmet. Those wishing to test and play more will be able to by tackling the second story mission, a side mission, and a twilight mission! The beta runs until November 10th, so get in on the action while you can.

Those who have a creative touch fleshing out stunning characters will be able to submit them in the Character Creation Contest for a chance to be selected as a preset for the retail game and their name in the credits. I’ll be going over several tips and mechanics that should elevate your gameplay and lessen the frustration of the game.

Stats Interactions

For beginners I suggest leveling Constitution or Stamina as it increases players health as well as their damage. Most other stats only slightly increase health making more glass cannon-esque builds. Pure Magic builds will be fragile like Dexterity builds but if players invest in Leech Life Talismans and Rejuvenation Talismans, they can face tank everything as long they deal damage and avoid being 1 shot.

  • Constitution
    • Impacts life and resistance to poison & paralysis
    • Mostly impacts Spear weapons
  • Heart
    • Impacts Ki and resistance against Fire
    • Impacts Sword & Bow weapons
  • Courage
    • Impacts Ki recovery speed and resistance to Lightning
    • Impacts mostly Tonfa weapons
  • Stamina
    • Impacts Life and maximum Equipment Weight
    • Impacts mostly Axe and Hand Cannon weapons
  • Strength
    • The Core Stat required to activate the special effects of heavy armor
    • Impacts mostly Odachi weapons
  • Skill
    • The core stat required yo activate the special effects of light armor
    • Impacts mostly Dual Swords, Hatchets, and Rifles weapons
  • Dexterity
    • Impacts the effectiveness and capacity for Ninjutsu
    • Mostly impacts Kusarigama weapons
  • Magic

To see each stat increase by 29 levels see this video:


Once you have picked your stats, that’s when you will want to level up, its time to select the Skills that will compliment your play style. There are numerous skills to sift through like:

For those playing for the first time, it’s going be a bit overwhelming so simplify:

  1. Pick the Guardian Spirit you enjoy using and fits your play style. This will help focus on the specific Yokai related skills you will need.
  2. For your preferred weapon, learn which stance best suits you. High stance is for aggressive play, Mid stance is for defending, while Low stance is for dodging. Generally as one goes higher in the stances the less combos can be strung along but their power increases. Prioritize the weapon skills based on which stance you mostly use to gain the most benefit from them.
  3. Samurai skills points are gained during select intervals upon leveling up.
  4. Both Ninjutsu and Onmyo skill points can be earn by anyone regardless if they choose to specialize in them. Players can learn buffs, curatives, elemental attacks, and other means of chip damage.
    • To earn Ninjutsu skill points use bombs that can be bought, found, and acquired from enemies and the Kodama Bazaar.
    • To earn Onmyo skill points use talismans that can be bought, found, and acquired from enemies and the Kodama Bazaar.

Game Tips

  • Nioh 2 plays more like Bloodborne as the healing item, Elixirs are limited. Players won’t noticed that they are being taken from their reserves until its too late.
    • While first playing the game, players should opt to use the Shrine to heal themselves.
  • Using the Shrine is akin to using the Bonfire in Dark Souls, most enemies will be respawned upon use.
  • Players can use backstabs once they have unlocked the proper skill
  • Find small green spirits to gain access to Kodama Blessings and other goodies
  • While fighting “Yokai” or enemies, they will do a “powerful attack/grab attack” there will be a tell right before it occurs. They will glow red and a loud almost crashing gong sound will play. Use your Yokai Counter to negate this and momentarily stun them.
  • Learn your rotations! Switching from attacks to Yokai attacks then back to normal attacks allows you to rotate through your available Ki while being aggressive potentially stun-locking enemies.
  • Practice! Test out attacks, observe enemies for openings and weaknesses and take everything as a learning experience.

Coop & Multiplayer

While playing through the levels players will see benevolent spirits (blue spirits) and Revenants (red spirits). The Benevolent spirits are friendly AI players that requires Otachko Cups to summon. In order to obtain these cups, players must defeat Revenants or find/acquire the cups in levels or Bazaar. Benevolent spirits take a limit of how much they can assist players before leaving or until their HP is exhausted.

If players are wishing to fully summon a real player they must offer a cup or more at the Shrine to entice players to join them. These real players take a yellow hued appearance and last until they die.

Those wishing to be summoned should head to the Tori gate and select either Expeditions or Random Encounters to help those in need.

Kodama Guide

Kodamas are small green friendly spirits that once send back to the Shrine will unlock several benefits to players like a marketplace to buy items using Rice, several blessings ranging from better loot drops to more experience from enemies. The more you save the more powerful their blessings become so make sure you explore each area thoroughly to find them all. If that’s not your style then you can find the their locations below:

The Mysterious One Night Castle Mission

  1. From the first Shrine, head down the path under bridge, make a left then right up the leave covered hill. At the end of this path will be a Kodama.
  2. From the second Shrine, head left to the closed off path then drop down to the left a Kodama will be tucked in the corner.
  3. From the second Shrine, head right up the hill, through the small house and into the large house. Climb to the second floor and exit to the outside railing. Make 2 lefts and a Kodama will be hidden under some breakable boxes.
  4. (Must have unlocked the Flood Gate shortcut) From the second Shrine, head left and follow this path straight into the small house with the hole. Drop down, head North, climb the ladder, head to the second floor of the house and exit. Make a left on the outside railing dropping down twice to find the Kodama on the ledge.
  5. (Must have unlocked the Flood Gate shortcut) From the second Shrine, head left and follow this path up the hill and around to the house at the bottom of the hill. Enter the house, exit through the back and take the right path to the dead end house. Inside tucked to the right corner is a Kodama.
  6. From the third Shrine, head right, follow the right path until the end to find a Kadama tucked behind overturned boxes.
  7. From location 6, turn around and follow the path back, taking the right path to the ladder. Climb it, and follow this path until just before the enemy. To the right will be a small overlook above a Tori Gate, drop down on it to find a Kodama tucked away.
  8. From Location 7, drop down from the Tori Gate and ascend the path once more going all the way to the end. Drop to the left ledge, walk forward a bit then roll to the right to land on the lower path and not in the water. Follow this path until you see a small hill to the left with a rock. The final Kodama will be here.

To watch where all the Kodamas are located check out this video:

The Viper’s Sanctum

  1. From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right. Inside this enclosure will be some boxes, break them to find the first Kodama.
  2. From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right following this path until you reach the large center house. Don’t enter but continue going around the side of the house to find a Kodama.
  3. From the second Shrine, follow the left path to the circular center. If players unlocked the shorcut by destroying a fake wall then take that path. Alternatively players can take the normal route and they will reach the same place. Continue on this path until you see a path to the left that has a puddle. A Kodama will be hidden behind some rocks near the pool.
  4. (Must have unlocked the shortcut to the right of the second shrine) Take the right path down til the very bottom near the broken bridges. There will be a path leading to a dead end corridor where a Kodama will be hidden.
  5. From location 4, exit the corridor and head towards the broken bridge to find this Kodama.
  6. From the third Shrine, turn around and head towards the ladder on the bridge, fall down, cross the bridge ahead and travel up the path just before the green mossy part of the cave. Turn left and fall down, take out the enemy to find this Kodama.
  7. From the third Shrine, turn over and head left and enter the corridor. At the first intersection, make a right to find this Kodama at the end.
  8. From the third Shrine, turn over and head left. Just before the corridor you enter for location 7, there will be an alcove to the left where players must defeat the slime enemy to save the final Kodama.

Boss Guide

There are few bosses to face in this beta including Kamaitachi, Yatsu-no-Kami, Twilight Kamaitachi and Maeda Toshiie. You can find out how to tackle each below.


Upon defeating this boss players will be able to “purchase” the Kamaitachi Helmet which will unlock during the retail version of Nioh 2. Most players playing the beta will be after this reward. This boss can be difficult if players don’t have a strong command of the groundwork mechanics of the game.

Kamaitachi’s Attacks
  • Tornado Tailwhip
    • This attack can be easily countered by running to his left side and continue running further back as he lands behind where he originally started. He has a decent recovery window which allows players to attack him.
  • Arm Swipe
  • Double Arm Swipe
  • Double Arm Swipe into Tail Swipe
  • Tail Swipe
  • Tail Swipe with Wind Slash
  • Vertical Slash Wheel
  • Yokai Attack Grab
    • For this attack the boss will glow red and a deep gong-like sound plays before it occurs. Players should hit R2+circle to Yokai Counter this, which will leave the boss open for attacks. Alternatively, players can dodge out of the attack.
  • Dual Arm Slash with Wind Slashes
  • Double Arm Swipe with Wind Slashes into Tail Swipe with Wind Slashes
  • Triple Kamaitachi
    • Boss makes 2 clones and all Vertical or Horizontally Slash Wheel towards the player.

To best tackle this boss players should take the offensive and stay on his left. Avoid staying near his face as this leaves you susceptible to both arm swipes. Use the thick trees to avoid the Tornadoes and other Wind attack he uses oppose to the thinner trees. The Enki Yokai ability deals a decent amount of Ki damage to him.

When things get hectic, hide behind a thick tree and block. I suggest players to attempt a few times without healing to learn his attack patterns and work out a method that helps them to avoid these attacks. There are also Benevolent spirits that may be summoned to grab the boss’ attention while you deal damage.


The second boss of the Demo is much easier than Kamaitachi as players can dictate the flow of combat. The most deadly attack is its Yokai grab attack which can easily one shot players. To avoid this stick to the left side of the snake as this forces him to use his tail slam attack. Upon entering his boss room, wait for him to slither to you and simply move to the left and attack his left snake arm.

Usually players can safely get off 2 High Stance attacks while saving a dodge to avoid being injured. Players should remove the tiny snake arms that Yatsu-no-Kami has. Simply create some distance between the 2 of you and wait for him to dig his arms underground. Quickly rush in but don’t attack until the arms have surfaced. Be careful once both arms are cut as he likes to crawl on the ground and this attack can hit up to 3 times as well as tracks heavily.

Yatsu-no-Kami’s Attacks
  • Body Slither Charge
  • Burrowing Snake Arms
  • Yokai Head Slam
    • Glows red and deep gong-like sound plays before it occurs. Players should hit R2+circle to Yokai Counter this which will leave the boss open for attacks. Alternatively, players can dodge out of the attack.
  • Tail Sweep
  • Yokai Snake Charge
    • Glows red and deep gong-like sound plays before it occurs. Players should hit R2+circle to Yokai Counter this which will leave the boss open for attacks. Alternatively, players can dodge out the attack by rolling onto its sides. This attack tracks heavily so be careful.
  • Snake Arm Regeneration
  • Poison Needle Spray

Twilight Kamaitachi

This is a Kamaitachi during the Twilight mission of The Mysterious One Night Castle Mission. He fights exactly the same as the first time but is slightly stronger. Use the same tactics as before to defeat him.

Maeda Toshiie

The final boss of the demo located in a side mission; this will be a 1 v 1 fight, human vs human. Maeda’s play style is very aggressive but he can easily be countered if players are even more aggressive. His attacks uses a lot of Ki and blocking the player’s onslaught of attacks will easily Ki break him, allowing players to deal heavy grapple damage. Pay close attention to your health bar as Maeda’s attack can easily wipe you if you did not invest in Health. Defeating Maeda Toshiie will grant players a new guardian spirit to try out.

Maeda Toshiie’s Attacks
  • Twirl Slash
  • Vertical Slash into Horizontal Slash into Uppercut Slash
  • Thrust
  • Homing Fireball Summon

Using this guide you’ll be able to best the beta bosses and get a feel for the upcoming Nioh 2. If you want more info be sure to drop by the Nioh 2 wiki.


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  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    I think you left in a place holder at the start of the Kamaitachi description. It says "Upon defeating this boss players will be able to “purchase” the X which will unlock during the retail version of Nioh 2." Shouldn’t X be the helmet reward?

    I’d also like to point out a neat trick when fighting Maeda. Use the Yoki Spirit Core ability on him. The Yoki are those red oni guys in the twilight mission. (If you’ve played the first game, you’ll recognize them instantly.) The ability turns you into one a Yoki and then does a double claw swipe when used on a Yokai. But on a human, it grapples and slams them to the ground. Maeda’s tough, but he’s still human and can be slammed. Using this puts the two of you on a much evener playing field.

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