Nioh 1.04 Patch Notes

Nioh 1.04 Patch Notes

Today marked yet another day of grinding Divine gear and yes another patch, this time 1.04. With it came some improvements to the game and some more significant fixes than in previous patches. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Editors’s Note: these patch notes have been translated from Koei Tecmo’s Official Site found here.

Important Notices

  • To celebrate worldwide sales surpassing 1,000,000 units, The Golden Nioh Armor will be available for free for all players. To obtain it, after downloading update 1.04, access the Boons menu from a Shrine.
  • An unexpected issue allowed players to obtain very high level equipment after a certain amount of forging, this will be fixed so after patch 1.04 the very high level equipment is much lower than before, as was originally intended. (This should also fix a drop probability bug)
  • We are extremely sorry but players who have already seen equipment drops will see the drops reduced in level to adjust for the original intention.

The Golden Nioh Set on the left and the Nioh Incarnate Set on the right.


  • A new menu is added to the Hidden Teahouse. It will allow players to readjust points
  • Items such as arrows and other consumables will now be sent directly to the storehouse if the player’s carry max is reached.
  • Added an “Other” menu to the “Play Record” window
  • The following has been altered in the Game Settings menu under System Menu:
    – Added a weapon type tab
    – Added an armor type tab
    – Added a small items tab
    – Automatic projectile replenishment at mission start
    – Center the camera when guarding
  • Title screen will now show application version
  • Weapons and armors may now be sorted by category
  • The Itokuri Guardian Spirit will now give priority to weapon attributes regarding paralysis.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where autosaves would accidentally overwrite other characters. (The autosave issue may appear, but the character override will no longer happen)
  • Fixed an issue that made some enemies continuously drop Amrita
  • Fixed missing assets in some stages
  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash when fighting certain bosses.
  • Fixed an issue where missions could not be completed if the objective enemy was defeated mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue where missions could not be completed if the objective enemy was defeated through a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where Saika Magoichi and Kelly may be on the ground while in online play.
  • Fixed an issue that was matching users again after successfully completing a mission.
  • Fixed an issue where correct gestures towards Mujina were not recognized while playing online.
  • Fixed an issue where, during online play, players would not be able to open their equipment and would be naked if they were transported while mid-bath in a Hot Spring.
  • Fixed an issue where Dual Katana’s Mid Stance strong attacks would not hit if the enemy is guarding.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to proceed if the skill Leaf Glide was used against certain bosses.
  • Fixed an issue with Suzaku’s Living Weapon trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where the correct amount of enemies defeated would not display in the Play Record.
  • Fixed an incorrect description of gestures in the trading section of the Hidden Teahouse.
  • Other Bug Fixes.

These patch notes can also be found on the Nioh Wiki here. Stay tuned for more Nioh coverage through out the month of March with the release of PvP!

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22 comments on “Nioh 1.04 Patch Notes”

  1. Avatar Tr0n_pl says:

    So apparently sloth talisman is working as intented xD

  2. Nimrael81 says:

    So they’re rolling back all the 320 weapons? Makes sense if PvP is to be a thing.

    +10 gear is strong enough.

    As for Sloth… I think nerfing the slow would’ve been fine, half the slow would be much more balanced.

    Also, hooray for quality of life changes like additional ammo going into your storehouse, a la Bloodborne.

  3. Avatar Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    Very nice to hear that the bug overwriting alternate characters is fixed.
    Oh, and being able to stock up on ammo sounds great as well.
    Thanks for the update.

  4. Avatar yajnaji says:

    When will this be live?

  5. Avatar MercwithMouth82 says:

    Hell yeah… I knew this was gonna come at some point. And I am already stocked up 999 ammo of all types.

    Apart from that I am glad to hear the weapon glitch is indeed considered a glitch.

    So many people kicking you from Yokai Realm matchmaking because your stats are higher than theirs but your weapon is ‘only’ divine 150 +10.

  6. Avatar Tr0n_pl says:

    Btw. Golden nioh armor goes with light medium or heavy? Cant check at work for another 4-5h

  7. Avatar MercwithMouth82 says:

    The regular Nioh armor is heavy, so I expect the same.

  8. Avatar ElvesRule says:

    Huh, everyone is missing the main point. Over 1 million copies of Nioh sold in 2 weeks? That’s got to be unheard of success for a niche Japanese game exclusive to one platform, especially a brand-new IP.

    Well-deserved success. And so decent of them to give us all a free armor set. Remember how From gave us 3 special-skinned weapons in DS2? Oh, how I loved and miss my beautiful Moonlight GS-colored longsword.

    I’m obsessed with Nioh. It’s all that I’ve played since launch. Pretty sure bet there will be a sequel. And yes, the projectiles surplus patch is very welcome news.

  9. Avatar MercwithMouth82 says:

    I don’t think people missed that. To me it was a given. This game was sold out in a lot of places in Germany. My little store around had so many folks walking in for Nioh they had to send back home because they didn’t have enough copies.

    So I am definitely glad how well it is doing. And we can only hope that a sequel won’t take 10 years again.

    And yeah, the free armor is definitely a very nice move.

  10. Avatar yajnaji says:


  11. Avatar Fexelea says:

    There’s no announced date that I have seen.

    Also, if you all love the game so much, please help fill in the wiki <3

  12. Avatar MercwithMouth82 says:

    According to one gamefaqs user already running the patch and new gold nioh armor 320 items get put down to 160.

  13. Anonymous says:

    According to Siliconera, it’s going live today.

  14. ARandomRussian says:

    Glad to see the Lowstance "Paralysis" Kusarigama & Itokuri combo is looked at. Hopefully fixed, made Revenant farming mundanely easy lol

  15. Avatar Tr0n_pl says:

    It just went out about half hour ago.

  16. igniz13 says:

    And now it’s 1.05? Guess another bug got fixed

  17. VSSCyanide says:

    New IP? Dead or Alive? Ninja Gaiden? final fantasy Dissidia? You’re not much into researching are you?

  18. Avatar olavrell says:

    You don’t seem to grasp what is meant by "new IP", do you?

  19. Avatar MercwithMouth82 says:

    You seem to think IP means company.

    IP stands for ‘intellectual property.’

    So you might get into researching a bit more yourself…

  20. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    The irony of this post. Criticizing a person’s ability to research when you yourself don’t understand what you’re talking about.

    As for ElvesRule statement, It’s nice when a good game succeeds. Also like seeing how they’re celebrating it, giving free content to players. Reminds me of The Witcher 3. Just hope other developers don’t see the success of games like these and try for making "super hardcore challenging games for real gamers" just for the sake of appealing to people who like hard games. Hard difficulty for engaging and enjoyable challenge is good; hard just to be hard is usually annoying and frustrating.

  21. Avatar Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    I’m looking forward to getting home and stocking up on ammo.
    I was confused last night after reading this thread and thought it was already live. Wondered why I couldn’t find an update. Glad to know that I was just looking too early.

    – I really hope companies don’t think that these games are popular because they are ‘hard’. The difficulty diminishes quick after a little experience and research. These games are good because they are FUN and immersive. And even when you’re good, they are still punishing if you go in lazy and overly cocky. That’s why I love these games.
    As long as other companies realize this, we will see good games come of it.

    Otherwise, you are totally right.

  22. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I fixed a typo on the Itokuri bug and clarified the wording for the high level item drop thing. To clarify: there’s a bug that allows you to obtain high level weapons after clearing a certain condition – the levels dropping for those weapons are not only too high, there seems to be instances where you get them more often than you should. Both of these are being addressed.

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