Nintendo Announces Switch Lite

Nintendo Announces Switch Lite

Nintendo officially announces the Nintendo Switch Lite, which will be releasing on September 20th 2019.

Nintendo Announces Switch Lite

There had been various rumours this year that a new model would be released by Nintendo, they confirm that a smaller version will be available this year. The new edition Nintendo Switch Lite will be a lighter version than its predecessor in terms of size and some of its features. A handheld gaming device which will be available for $200 which is roughly $100 cheaper than the previous, and will come in a few different colours including yellow, grey and turquoise.

The Switch Lite doesn’t have with detachable joy-cons or the option to be docked to play on a TV and the screen is smaller at 5.5 inches compared to the original’s 6.2, displaying a 720 pixel screen. It does allow for motion gameplay and any joy-cons you already have will be compatible with the Lite. According to the Verge, the system feels much sturdier than the original as the joy-cons aren’t detachable.

Nintendo Switch Online will be available on the device of course which is the subscription based service for online multiplayer and to access a number of NES games. You can play all the current games that support handheld mode, but such games that utilises the joy-cons, these will need to be purchased separately in order to play. If you were wondering how it handles in terms of battery life, apparently it is “slightly” improved due to a more efficient chip layout plus the absence of the joy-cons and its batteries.

Nintendo released a comparison video to show the differences between the models, you can watch the video below:

This news isn’t all that surprising as Nintendo are well known for their many versions of gaming devices such as the numerous Nintendo DS models. A cheaper version and light weight design might be more suited for those who purely want an on-the-go experience.

There is also a special Pokemon Sword and Shield version called Zacian and Zamazenta Edition, which are the two legendary Pokemon. The design features a light grey with blue and pink buttons. The back also has the legendary Pokemon in sketch design. This edition will be releasing later on November 8th which is before the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield which launches on November 15th. This edition will also be sold at $199.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be releasing on September 20th for $199 with the Pokemon Sword and Shield edition hitting retailers on November 8th.

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