NieR Soundtracks Now Available on Spotify and Apple Music

NieR Soundtracks Now Available on Spotify and Apple Music

Streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music have now added the soundtracks to NieR games.

NieR Soundtrack Now Available on Spotify and Apple Music

NieR: Automata and NieR Gestalt as well as Replicant soundtrack have been available for purchase on places such as iTunes, but now they are available to be streamed. You can now access the soundtracks on Spotify and Apple Music as Square Enix has now released them there. NieR is coming up to it’s 10th anniversary of the franchise this year, where there may be some news.

These aren’t the only gaming soundtracks from Square Enix to be released online, games soundtracks such as the Final Fantasy franchise (without Shadowbringers which is only available through purchase) and Octopath Traveler are all available. NieR adds another name to the list, so you can now listen to your favourite tracks wherever.

Spotify have been adding quite the catalogue of game soundtracks including Capcom’s Devil May Cry, FromSoftware’s Dark Souls and even God of War. What’s your favourite gaming soundtrack? Let us know in the comments.

NieR Automata released in 2017 for Playstation 4 and has since released on Xbox One and PC via Steam. If you’re currently fighting your way through be sure to drop by our NieR: Automata wiki.

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