Nier: Automata Reaches New Milestone of 1.5 Million Copies Shipped

Nier: Automata Reaches New Milestone of 1.5 Million Copies Shipped

Square Enix has announced that the Platinum Games developed Nier: Automata has shipped 1.5 million combined physical units shipped and digital copies sold. Talk about surprise commercial hit for the follow up to the more cult status original Nier game.

The game reached the 1 million mark just this past April after releasing early March on PS4 and PC, so it’s attainment of 1.5 million is proof of its continued strong sales performance. We scored the game high in our review, finding that the game successfully blended modern high speed action with old school gaming elements like hidden secrets, multiple endings and very quirky qualities that made it quite the unique game.

If you haven’t tried Nier: Automata yet, it has a free demo on the Playstation Store which is one of the best free half hours of gaming you’ll come across. If you pick it up, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide and wiki for everything you need on endings, quests, weapons, skills and check out our trophy guide to earn that tricky platinum!

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