Nier: Automata Demo Coming to PS4

Nier: Automata Demo Coming to PS4

Square Enix has announced that a demo for Nier: Automata will be coming to the PS4 on December 22nd for NA, EU and Japan.

The demo will allow players to take control of one of the playable characters, 2B, as she makes her way through an abandoned factory and defeating a giant enemy inside.


During last weekend’s Playstation Experience we received confirmation that the game will be launching on March 7th in NA and the 10th in EUย for the PS4. Japan receives the game earlier, on February 23rd. A PC version is also coming, but no clarified date on its release has been provided. In conjunction with the release date announcement you can see the contents of the launch day editions below:


Keep checking back for more updates!

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  1. Avatar Nodos says:

    I am expecting a great soundtrack…

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