Nier: Automata: 25 Minutes of New Gameplay & More Info on Skills, Quests, Mechanics

Nier: Automata: 25 Minutes of New Gameplay & More Info on Skills, Quests, Mechanics

The Playstation Blog has released a new Nier: Automata video today that shows over 25 minutes of gameplay from Square Enix and Platinum Games’ upcoming action RPG, coming to the PS4 and PC. Check out the footage below:

The footage shows the game’s frenetic combat as the main characters take out some of the game’s myriad of machine enemies. It then takes players on a tour of the various locations, such as the Resistance Camp which serves as the home base, the City Ruins and shows off the game’s rideable mounts, in this instance the moose.

They also provided some information on how the game’s core mechanics will play out. In addition to the main story quests, there will also be hubs around the world where you can pick up side quests that will flesh out the game’s experience.


The game is an open world and there is a lot hidden about. With the double jump, mid-air dash and super speed mechanics, you’ll be able to do a lot of acrobatic, platforming like exploring of the environment.

When it comes to leveling as you level up your health, defense and attack power increase but you also gain access to better skills, through a unique Plug-in Chips system that lets you customize your android self.

The game will also feature a death mechanic similar to both Dark Souls and Nioh but with its own fresh spin. Upon death you are reuploaded to a new body. If you return to where you died, you will encounter your former body. You can either retrieve the body for a bonus, or attempt to repair it. If you repair it, it will reactivate and actually help you in battle! If you fail however, it will become hostile and you will have to defeat it (for a bonus of course!). Sounds intriguing!


Nier: Automata is releasing for the PS4 March 7th in NA, March 10th in EU and a tad sooner in Japan, Feb 23rd. A PC release is also scheduled for sometime this year. Check out the cinematic trailer they released over the weekend. Thoughts on the gameplay? Have you tried the demo on the Playstation Store? Keep checking back with us for much more!

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  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    I’m looking forward to this game. Demo was a blast, and it’s lookin better and better.

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