New World Gold Guide: How to Farm & Make Money as A Beginner

New World Gold Guide: How to Farm & Make Money as A Beginner

New World Gold Guide: How to Farm & Make Money as A Beginner. This New World Coin Farming Guide focuses on understanding how the economy of New World works as well as the ways you can utilize it to your advantage to be able to farm gold even at lower levels. If you’re looking for a way to earn as much gold as possible while leveling up your Trade Skills in the process, then this Guide is for you! Make sure to check out our Best Skills And Abilities For Any Build and Weapon Combo, Fast XP and Weapon Level Guide, Beginner PvP Tips, and Best Early Game Weapons & Accessories as well!

New World Gold Guide: How to Farm & Make Money as A Beginner

In New World, gold is the in-game currency that allows you to purchase a variety of items like Weapons, Armor and Houses. But it also lets you buy Settlements or territories. Maintaining a territory in itself is no easy task because you’ll have to invest in upgrades to fortify it for upcoming Wars. When a Company controls a territory, they can essentially set fees and taxes to determine how much gold they’ll get when players perform different activities in that same territory such as selling Fibers from Hemp at the Trading Post and smelting Iron Ingot, for example.

Settlement Upgrades New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

Standard Methods of Acquiring Gold

The standard methods of acquiring gold involve completing Main and Side Story Quests. They provide you with at least 50 gold per mission, which can increase to as much as 80+ depending on the level. Faction Missions and Town Projects, on the other hand, also grant you gold but it’s much less compared to the first two types of quests.

Main and Side Story Quests New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

How the Trading Post Works

Before we go into discussing Trade Skills and the materials you ought to keep farming, it’s important to understand how the Trading Post works because this is where you’ll be earning a lot of gold at earlier and later levels. This serves like an Auction House where you conduct the buying and selling of items, may it be Weapons, potions and Gathering Tools. Basically, anything that you own, gather and craft can be sold here. Now each territory has its own Trading Post and economy. For example, on the server that I’m playing on, Green Wood is cheapest in Brightwood at only 0.18 a piece whereas in First Light, it costs nearly double for 0.30 per piece.

03Green Wood in First Light New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

You should always check the fluctuation of these prices to identify the ideal location to conduct your business. What’s good about the Trading Post is you at least have visibility on the territory that has the lowest and highest prices by selecting them under “Showing orders at”, which is located on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. The limitation, however, is you won’t be able to buy or sell anything unless you run or fast travel to that territory.

If you have plans of buying materials to either complete Town Projects or to sell them at a higher price, you have the option to set a buy order based on the price you’re willing to pay for or to accept the cost you’re seeing in the Trading Post. Similar to selling, you can set your own price rather than following the market trend. Let’s use Green Wood as an example once again. Rather than selling it for 0.18 per piece, you can undercut the value to 0.17 or 0.16 in your territory provided that you already have a set path in mind to efficiently gather this material.

Sometimes, underselling will cause you more harm than good since the succeeding prices of Green Wood may go down even more as a result. Before making a sale, you’ll see the list of “Current Sell Orders” so you can compare these prices with how much you’re planning to sell your products for.

When placing a buying and selling order, you’ll be paying a listing fee. This determines the number of days your post will remain active. The longer it is, the higher the listing fee will be so you’ll need to balance it well with your selling price. Moreover, there’s also a transaction charge for the selling order. It pertains to the tax set by the Company who is currently in control of the territory. As such, it’s important to understand how much the tax percentage is and where it’s best to sell your products in order to pay as little tax as possible. You can check the Trading Tax on your map by hovering over specific territories.

Place Sell Order in Trading Post New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

In my server, the Trading Tax is high at 8% in Monarch’s Bluffs compared to Everfall’s 4.20%. If you’re a member of the Company who owns a territory, you receive additional tax discounts so it’s definitely something to strive for. To decrease these even more, you ought to invest in reducing the Trading Tax Rate via the Territory Standing Reward.

Everfall Trading Tax New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

How Trade Skills Can Make You Money

In addition to character and Weapon Mastery levels, you need to level up your Trade Skills by performing their respective activities while completing quests. In New World, there are three types of Trade Skills, namely, Crafting, Refining and Gathering. At earlier levels, it’s essential to prioritize reaching Level 50 for each of your Gathering Skills because this will be your base of operations. It’ll also help you later on especially when you need to craft better gear.

Gathering Trade Skills New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

Before continually raising the level of your Gathering Skills, you’ll first need to upgrade your Flint Tools to Iron. Not only is your gathering speed improved, but you also acquire about 30% more materials. You can then make it a goal to upgrade to Steel Tools in the near future to further boost your gathering speed by 120%. Another great and easy way to improve this is by spending your Territory Standing Points on Gather. This is especially relevant if the majority of the resources you intend to collect is located in the same territory.

Gathering Speed Territory Standing Reward New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

Additionally, you’ll need a craft bag. This lets you work efficiently so you can carry as many of these materials as possible without having to fast travel back to the inn or territory every so often. At earlier levels, you’ll be able to create the most basic Coarse Leather Adventurer’s Satchel in the Outfitting Station once you complete a few Faction Missions. After turning in these missions, you’ll receive Tokens that enable you to buy rewards. To craft this bag, you need the Minor Rune of Holding, which costs 1,000 Tokens and 250 gold, Coarse Leather, Linen, and Iron Ingot.

Gathering is a fairly quick activity to do once you’ve already identified the resources and routes you’ll be taking. The popular ones right now are Hemp and Iron Deposits, which would greatly improve your Harvesting and Mining Skills. A useful website that has helped me map out their corresponding paths is This is an intuitive online map, which tells you exactly where resources are placed so you can make rounds every few minutes. The good thing about it is you have a lot of options even when other players are farming the same materials so you can simply switch to a different location.

Map Genie Website New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

Once you’ve identified the paths you’re ready to take, make sure to set up camp near its starting point so you can respawn there should you unfortunately get killed along the way. In Monarch’s Bluffs and Windsward, a single round of gathering Fibers can take up to 30 minutes, which will yield you a ton of gold depending on its selling price in your territory’s Trading Post.

Items in High Demand Right Now

When it comes to the resources you’ll be selling, you need to consider the materials that are currently in demand right now. These are related to Town Projects, gathering tools, bags or bag materials, potions, food buffs, house furniture, and jewelry. First, players will usually buy ingredients to complete Town Projects since this is one of the top sources to quickly gain a lot of XP.

Town Projects New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

Things like rations, Raw Food, and even Iron Ingots should get you a decent amount of gold so be sure to study the resource’s routes in order to obtain them in a shorter amount of time. Most players, more specifically those who are rushing to max level, would be willing to spend gold for these so it’s valuable to stock up on them.

Second are tools and bags. There’s already a surge in demand for these two items since they allow you to efficiently gather the resources you need while having the ability to increase the amount of items you carry. You can start with the basics such as selling Iron Tools and then Steel Tools, before moving onto Starmetal Tools. Adding Azoth beforehand also raises the chances of gaining Perks, which would enhance the gear’s rarity, thereby costing more. For instance, an Uncommon Iron Harvesting Sickle sells for up to 200 gold because it grants extra Harvesting Luck to find rare items as well as a gathering speed of 200%.

Adding Azoth in Crafting New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

With the bag, players are always going to need additional storage when they go on quests so it will stay in demand for a very long time. Before putting this item in the Trading Post, you’ll have to consider the amount of gold and work you’ve put into it. It might also be wiser to sell the Rune of Holding instead, depending on your competition in the market. Always check which between these two items will give you a larger profit. The advantage of selling either of them is you get to level up your Trade Skills, Weapon Mastery, and character while farming for gold so it’s a win win condition.

Rune of Holding New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

Third are health and mana potions, which a lot of players will ALWAYS need especially for higher level content such as Expeditions and Wars, rather than having to hunt for its ingredients. Fourth are food buffs that are as essential in any type of activity. You can also go for food like Cooked Corn to increase your Harvesting Luck in order to obtain rare ingredients. This is beneficial to others who are also using gathering as their main source of income.

Fifth are house furniture. You’ll be able to craft furniture to enable others to decorate their houses for cosmetic purposes. This would really be in high demand specifically when a large portion of players already own houses so it’s something to consider later on. You can also produce storage chests for those who hoard tons of stuff like myself.

Housing Decorations in the Trading Post New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

Last but not the least are jewelry such as Amulets, Rings and Earrings, which grants added protection and survivability on top of boosting Attributes. Their respective slots start to become available by the time you reach Level 20. However, crafting these Trinkets takes time since one of its components, particularly Raw Gems, are rare resources from mineral deposits so you’ll have to enhance Mining Luck to improve your chances.

You’ll then need to collect motes in order to refine them as Cut Gems before being able to craft accessories. This isn’t the most optimal way to farm gold but it’s decent enough when combined with the other activities we’ve previously talked about especially when a lot of players reach higher levels. They’re going to need these jewelry to complete their Builds.

Cut Gems in the Trading Post New World Gold Guide How to Farm Gold As A Beginner

In summary, constantly checking the Trading Post or market trend for items that are currently in demand will yield you a lot of gold. It’s also essential to have your tools upgraded and your bags ready in preparation for gathering resources as efficiently as possible. Once you’ve identified the products you’d like to sell together with their ideal routes, it’ll be much easier and faster to constantly farm gold.

Stay tuned for more New World Guides, and be sure to check out the New World Wiki for more information about the game! What other guides would you like to see next? How are your Builds coming along? Let us know in the comments section below.


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