New Tyranny Dev Diary Reveals Behind the Scenes Development Concepts

New Tyranny Dev Diary Reveals Behind the Scenes Development Concepts

Obsidian Entertainment has launched its first video in a three part series of dev diaries, detailing development concepts behind Tyranny, their upcoming classic RPG and sequel to Pillars of Eternity, set to release on PC sometime in 2016.

In the video, various members of the development team weigh in on the game, based in a world where evil has emerged victorious. As one of the servants of Kyros, the game’s evil overlord, your role as a fatebinder is one of conquer and control in the name of your lord. Described as a “corrupt cop” your role and choices are complex, with many moral shades of grey. Even kindness can go punished, as some may interpret it as a sign of weakness.

The game was built to be played multiple times, with player choices combining to create very different outcomes. Furthermore, beyond character creation, you are also shaping the world, modifying cities and towns demographically and geographically based on choices you’ve made. Factions and allies also work with dialogue options to create branching story paths, resulting in over 600,000 words written for the game! Relationships rather than quests drive the game forward and the team at Obsidian has created many new characters to populate the world.

tyranny screen 5

This release is part of their Gamescom week of activity, and more info is on the way for sure, so check back with us for further updates on Tyranny and check out our preview from E3 to learn more. Ready for a return to classic roleplaying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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