New Tyranny Dev Diary Introduces The Companion Sirin

New Tyranny Dev Diary Introduces The Companion Sirin

Obsidian Entertainment has released a new developer diary for Tyranny that introduces the last potential companion they will reveal before the game releases next week, November 10th on PC. Let’s take a look at Sirin and her backstory as well as her in game combat role.

Sirin caused the death of more people before she was seven than most soldiers do in their entire careers. One of the few mages on Terratus who was born with magic, Sirin first displayed her abilities the first time she cried. The midwife assisting with her birth burst out crying and asked what that bright light was and why everything was so cold. Her parents quickly learned anyone who heard Sirin’s voice was compelled by the emotion behind it. Fortunately for them, she was a genial and easy-going child, so it wasn’t much of a problem.

Kyros the Overlord caught wind of this and used the Voices of Nerat to kidnap Sirin from her family and took her to the royal court for training. Considered too dangerous to be allowed to use her full powers, Kyros and the Voices of Nerat created a special helmet, placing it permanently on her head. If Sirin went beyond the limits of the helmet, the gem placed in it would shatter, killing her. From then on, her voice was used to sway recruits to the Scarlet Chorus and Kyros. Savvy of this, she recruits for the Chorus while also planning an escape for herself.

Combat Role

In combat Sirin is designed to control and manipulate battles by afflicting her foes with sicknesses of the mind and body. As an Archon she can influence others through her songs. She will passively sing, causing various debuffs on enemies and buffs on party members. As she sings, she builds up something called Breath that she later uses to unleash an Aria. Arias are powerful magical effects from Sirin’s voice on targets which can be very deadly or beneficial depending on if the target is friend or foe. Her talent trees alow her to act as support for offense and defense. Her Peace tree provides several defensive talents, utilities, and a number of Arias that help to bolster ally defenses and rejuvenate them. Her War tree has talents built to use Arias more quickly as well as a variety of offensive Arias that affect enemies in negative ways, often controlling them on the battlefield.

The abilities she can use are uniquely her. The first crop of them are her songs:

  • Sword of Strength, Sword of Justice: A song of valor and defiance. Adopted by the Vendrien Guard to boost morale in their rebellion. Raises the Might, Wits, and Vitality of nearby allies with the sound of Sirin’s voice.
  • Bringer of Death: A song ominously describing the power of Kyros’ will as it washes over life and land, reaping those that stand against it. Lowers the Resolve, Parry, and Dodge of nearby enemies, as well applying the Weakened affliction to them.
  • Blood Brings the Dawn: A powerful battle chant Sirin was forced to sings for the Scarlet Chorus to inspire their victory. Raises ally movement speed and causes enemies to take Fire damage and Bleed effects.

And here are some of her standard abilities:

  • Aria of Respite: Sirin’s notes seep into the minds of her allies and draw them to lucidity. Removes a hostile effect from each ally affected.
  • Aria of Confusion: Sirin bombards her enemies with a cacophony of tormenting sounds. Those that fail to resist her power are Confused.
  • Sustained Breath: At the end of combat, Sirin can retain Breath for several minutes.
  • Rapid Tempo: Sirin accelerates her vocal progressions, increasing the speed of her songs and causing her to move through each stanza more quickly, but shortening the duration of their effects.
  • Guise of Innocence: While not wearing Heavy Armor, Siring becomes immune to engagement.
  • Aria of Nightmares: Sirin recalls a nightmare and begins to sing. The power in her voice creates an physical embodiment of her memory that will terrify and torment her foes.

There is a little more than a week left before we get to see what she can do firsthand! Until then, keep checking back with us for more on Tyranny up to its launch and beyond!

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